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“Law as an Emerging Career”

A Report on

Workshop on Admission

“Law as an Emerging Career”

4th July 2020

Organized by: Maharishi Law School in coordination with IQAC

Objective of the Event: Maharishi Law School, Noida, organized a workshop titled "Law as an Emerging Career" to explore the evolving legal landscape and the exciting opportunities it presents for aspiring professionals.

The workshop objectives were to shed light on the growing demand for qualified legal professionals across various sectors and explore the diverse career paths available in the legal field beyond traditional courtroom litigation. equip students with valuable information about pursuing a legal education and building a successful career in law.

The workshop likely included presentations by legal professionals, academicians, or industry experts. The presentations might have covered many areas including discussions on the increasing demand for lawyers in areas like corporate law, intellectual property law, cyber law, and environmental law, Exploration of alternative legal careers in legal consultancy, legal journalism, legal research, and in-house legal counsel positions, Guidance on the skills required for success in law, including analytical thinking, communication skills, research abilities, and problem-solving and Information on law school entrance exams, different law programs offered (e.g., BA LLB, LLB, LLM), and the importance of internships and practical experience.

The guest speakers Dr. Ajay Kumar and Dr. Mudita Agrawal delivered an overview of the legal career landscape in India: This session could have provided insights into various practice areas (litigation, corporate law, intellectual property, etc.), career paths within the legal profession (litigation lawyer, corporate counsel, judge, etc.), and emerging trends in the legal field.

The workshop on "Law as an Emerging Career" by Maharishi Law School, Noida, provided valuable insights for students considering a legal career. By understanding the evolving legal landscape and the diverse opportunities available, students can make informed decisions about their legal education and career path.