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Importance of Moot Court

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Patriotic Poetry on 75th Republic Day

75th Republic Day Celebration

The Goal Of Education

Maharishi ji describes how the goal of education is to nurture and unfold the full development of an individual’s potential. He says that education should create orderly individuals who while fulfilling their interests do not harm their environment rather, fulfil the interests of society as well.

Mr. Arun Kumar | Assistant Professor, MLS

This video talk about the law and its importance, the literal meaning of the law is Definite. Law is required to regulate the Society and the nation as it is the basic concept. Law has different meaning to the people and to their needs as it is dynamic concept. The scholars of law are not only useful to individual but to the society at large. In the present scenario the legal profession is in great demand due the changing concept of the Society. There is an old saying which says, if you have three friends make sure one of them must be lawyer.

Prabha Tripathi | Entry in Defense for Law Students

The Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Department is the legal branch of the Indian Army. It deals with military related disciplinary cases and litigation and assists in providing legal assistance to the army in human rights matters and the rule of law among other things.The department consists of legally qualified Army officers who are educated in military law and provide legal help to the military in all aspects.

Maya | Tushar | Animation

The model, designed in Maya software has been depicted in the showreel which is created By Tushar, Bsc 6th Sem, School of Animation. It gives you the look and feel of the model after final production.

Mainak Bhattacharjee

Mr. Mainak Bhattacharjee, student of batch 2018-2021, had participated in an International Animated Movie Making competition organized by Chandigarh University on 28th August 2021. He won 1st Prize for creating a mystical forest, a cosmic helmet and visitor’s from different world.

Game Play design By Tushar Animation - Batch 2019-2022

The Showreel has been created in AutoDesk Maya describing the design of a game environment.

The Legal Aid Clinic at MLS will work towards providing free legal aid and will also attempt to resolve the disputes of the people in the locality, preventing the disputes from maturing into litigation.

We at MLS Legal Aid Clinic look forward to help people resolve their disputes through our para legal volunteers, lawyers and Law Faculty(s).


The legal advice rendered by Free Legal Aid Clinic of Maharishi Law School is for advice purposes only, as well as to cater the person with general legal information and basic understanding of provisions of law. Thereby, the advice is not meant to be used as referred.