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First Chancellor’s Message

"The economy of any country and the wealth of any individual depend on the effectiveness of business management and governmental administration."

The creativity of the Indian mind is renowned around the world. Indian leadership in business management and public administration will succeed in building a stable, wealthy national economy as a model for the rest of the globe with the help of competent business training.
He developed the straightforward, organic Transcendental Meditation technique, which enables anyone to access and experience the field of pure awareness, the wellspring of all knowledge and creativity. This effortless and systematic technique had been lost to human life until Maharishi, inspired by his own teacher, brought it back to us.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


Chancellor’s Message

Greetings from the Chancellor of the University, a unique educational institution that puts the focus back on the intended goal of the education system: the complete, holistic development of the student. Our goal is to ensure that the student does not become merely a bread earner but a healthy, happy, creative, empathetic, stress-free individual who contributes maximally to the continuous growth of self, family, society, country, and the world.

This is made possible through an amalgamation of the Vedic concept of consciousness, the basis that allows for the use of the full creative power of the fundamental laws of nature for effortless evolution in all areas of life, with modern curriculum, updated technology, and student-centric teaching methods. Transcendental Meditation, a practical, scientifically verified, globally recognized meditation technique, is practiced by the students and faculty, which lends the university atmosphere an air of peace, progress, synergy, and sustained evolution.

Ajay Prakash Shrivastava

Director General’s Message

While welcoming you to our university I take this opportunity to define education as I have conceptualized and practised over last 5 decades. Education is to “Know Thyself”. It is a process to discover oneself for actualizing the innate potentiality. I am convinced that each one of us is in the mould of godliness and it is for us to transform this potentiality in to actuality.

The process that we have evolved in the University in keeping with the philosophy of our first chancellor his holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, is summed by me in five letters KSUPG meaning thereby Knowledge, Skill, Understanding (of the situation ,of the people ,of the social system), Peace based on inner poise manifested in outer behavior and Gentlemanly Conduct. These five enable the individual to transform himself into a wisdom worker. Thus the education that we impart in our university makes the individual useful to himself first, then to the family, then to the s society, then to the country and finally to the entire world. All this is founded on the concept of creative intelligence.
Wishing you all a very purposeful association with MUIT. God Bless!

Group Captain Prof O.P. Sharma

Vice Chancellor’s Message

Education provides an important driver for the growth of any country. We, at Maharishi University of Information Technology (MUIT) are committed to develop a fraternity of competent professionals of international standards and calibre who are innovative, analytical and independent. MUIT is a fast-growing young university of Uttar Pradesh which provides quality education through science of consciousness to young creative mind with emphasis to enable them to think critically in developing their interdisciplinary collaborative skills. Students find learning at MUIT a vitalizing experience.

My best wishes to all, for a stimulating and fruitful journey of academic excellence and creativity at MUIT.

Prof Bhanu Pratap Singh