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“Corporate Visit to Nimbus Adcom Pvt. Ltd.”

“Corporate Visit to Nimbus Adcom Pvt. Ltd.”
At Maharishi University, we have incorporated regular industrial and corporate visits into our course structure. Corporate visits provide an excellent opportunity to interact with professionals and learn more about the corporate environment.
For this purpose, the Training and Placement cell organised a corporate visit for the students of the Maharishi School of Business Studies as a part of their curriculum. On December 27, 2022, students went to Nimbus Adcom Private Limited in Noida. Nimbus Adcom is the leading BPO, bulk SMS, email marketing, web development, and digital marketing provider.

The objective of the visit was to provide maximum exposure to the students regarding recent trends and technologies. There, students got the chance to meet the DGM of Nimbus Adcom Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Sam Bose, the Presales Manager, Mr. Sanjay Singh, and Mrs. Jyoti from the HR department. They took part in an informative session and focused on the following points:
?Process of their work and their working environment
?Corporate culture and values
?Services, clients, a professional team, and delivery centres of Nimbus Adcom Pvt. Ltd.
?Hiring process for Nimbus
?Do’s and don’ts while giving an interview
?Their life experiences
?Achievement of their goals
 Skills required in today's world and their development.
After this informative session, students got the opportunity to witness their operational work and interact with their employees, so that they could have a better understanding and practicality of their work. In this visit, students get to learn that the key to success is "Skills" and they have to focus on different managerial and technical skills to grab the best opportunities.

In total, 31 students were accompanied by two faculty members and two members of the training and placement cell for this visit. The visit was indeed an insightful one for the students, and they learned a lot about administrative and managerial skills. It helped students learn about corporate culture and the role of telecommunications in management. This visit also gave greater clarity about various management concepts for students, as they could practically see how these concepts are put into action.