Tips for Finding and Applying to Top Technical Universities in India

Tips for Finding and Applying to Top Technical Universities in India

Choosing the right college or university is a big decision for students and their families. There are too many engineering colleges and universities in India these days. Nowadays, many business houses and private trusts have also entered the education sectors, and numerous engineering colleges have popped up which are giving admission to students with low merits. Most of these colleges offer below average quality of education and infrastructure, and do not even have experienced faculty. Owing to these factors, finding the right engineering college can get tricky. But if you be careful and follow certain guidelines, finding the top technical universities in India can be easy. Here are some tips on this:

Finalising an engineering stream

To find the right technical college or university, you should first finalise the engineering branch you want to pursue. This is a very important step. You should decide the stream as per your interest and skills, so that you don’t end up with doing a course that does not motivate you. For selecting a stream, you can seek advice from your teachers, ex-students, friends, and close family members. Make sure that you do not get simply influenced by anyone; listen to everyone but take your own decision. While pursuing your career for higher studies, you should give more importance to the course, not to the university. Many students who pick a university based on the university itself and not the course end up unsatisfied.

Listing of universities

Once you are done with the course, you should proceed with research work to make a list of top 5-6 universities or colleges. Categorise different universities based on their ratings and reviews. You should also consider the experience of the colleges and universities during categorisation. Along with this, also check the fee structure of these universities to check which one is more affordable for you.

Quality of faculty

As there are numbers of colleges and institutes offering engineering courses, how you can choose the best one is by considering the standard of the faculty members. Many colleges lack good and experienced teaching staff. There are even educational institutes that don’t have the necessary faculty. Before filling the admission form of any college, you should visit the college personally and talk to the students to know more about the institute.

Infrastructure and facilities

While looking for the best institute or college, you should also consider its infrastructure and facilities. You should check if the institute has modern infrastructure and amenities which are used for offering quality education. A well-structured and furnished college is capable of imparting quality education to its students. Thus, it is advised that one should first visit the college before finalizing it.


Once you have made a list of all the top colleges in your city that impart quality education and have a modern infrastructure, shortlist the ones which are near to your place. If colleges in your locality are not up to the mark, then you should opt for the one that has a good reputation and good commutation facilities. This is important as you will have to commute daily.

Enquire about scholarship and placements

While looking for the top technical universities in India, you should also inquire about their scholarship and placement plans. There are some reputed colleges and universities that provide scholarship to their students. In some colleges, to avail such benefits, students need to qualify some tests. Thus, while researching about the educational institutes, you should their consider scholarship plans also. In addition to this, you must also inquire about the placement programs. Some institutes have joined hands with various reputed companies and MNCs for organizing campus recruitment. You should enquire about this to secure your future.

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