“Time Series Analysis in RStudio - Workshop” at MUIT (2nd March ’20)

Forecasting or Predicting the future. Who doesn’t want to? Who does not want to prepare themselves for the future with a more or less full-proof plan?

To get a hands-on experience of “Time Series Analysis” – a workshop was conducted by eminent speaker Mr. Miklesh Prasad Yadav, a distinguished and renowned professional in the field of data science, who showed the analysis using RStudio. Students and faculty members from School of Technology attended the session which was held in Ram Mohan Lab.

Topics covered were:  

  • Introduction to Time Series
  • Deterministic and Stochastic Trend, Differencing and De-trending
  • Unit Root Testing, dealing with Structural Break Point.
  • Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA), it’s application in forecasting.

Working on various datasets and packages and libraries gave us a strong platform to vice our grip on these packages, with an ample number of examples and explanations. We learnt packages like “fBasics”, “forecast” and “tSeries”

These sort of hands-on experience sessions give the students and faculty alike a moment to cherish and the knowledge gained stays with them.

We learnt various new concepts and terms which we were not familiar with and might not have been without this sort of session like Stationary and Non-stationary and various others.

The event was conducted in two sessions: Pre-lunch and Post-lunch. The vigor in each of these sessions was equally commendable. We also had snacks and tea served for everyone present.

The event also had certificates to be provided to all the participants.

After the felicitation and vote of thanks for the speaker, everyone present there assembled for a group photo and what better than a good photo to capture a well to cherish moment.