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The art of Animation started with the release of “Fantasmagorie” in year 1908 by Emile Cohl, an age-old creative adventure. It was the first 2D Animation released in the entire world.

The journey continues with Walt Disney who marked this industry with its classic short “Steamboat Willie”; followed by its famous animated feature “Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs” in year 1937 and that journey has continued till date giving us some of the best animated films.


ANIMATION however has evolved a lot from its early days.

TRADITIONAL ANIMATION was made with drawing and painting one image after another on transparent celluloid sheets or paper. It gave artist the pleasure of watching their sketches or drawing move and come to life.

Now the same is done through different softwares such as Animate CC and Toonboom Harmony etc. It is commonly known as 2D Animation, where the drawings are made on the software and registered in the timeline. This makes the process digital with many technical advantages such as rigging or bone tool that helps to move an image or drawing within the software. There are other creative ways of animating things such as Stop-motion animation, Flip book animation, 3D animation etc.

All of us have experienced the fun and joy of watching our favorite cartoons moving on screen and portraying life in a more lighthearted way. But it isn’t just limited to light-hearted cartoons. Animation has been a great medium of storytelling and giving on-screen portrayal to imaginations, ideas, concepts and reaching millions of people of different age groups from around the world.

Anyone, who wants to become an animator or part of animation industry, must start observing life around them. There are so many things to look at: the characters, attitudes, personalities, body shapes, body languages, emotions, feelings, life events. These observations help in the creative process of generating ideas, stories and adding life to the subject or character. Apart from observing life around you, watch movies, short films, work of other animators and artists etc.

Other than developing a good eye, it’s also important to gain artistic skills and technical knowledge of the field. This will come from practice, hours and hours of practice, working on various projects and collaborating with professionals in the industry.

Most importantly, stay inspired and find inspiration. Find your interest. Find the reason that made you fall in love with the Art of Animation? Which artist or animator leaves deep inspiration within you? All of this will help in finding our way ahead.

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    EY estimates that the animation sector will grow to 39.7 per cent in 2022 from 30.5 per cent in 2021. The sector grew by 24 per cent in 2021 to reach Rs 30.5 billion. The animation and VFX segment is expected to more than double in three years till 2024 to Rs 180 billion.

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