A practical session on “RightTo Information Act” was conducted on 21.12.2020 by Mr. PadmeshKataria(AssistantProfessor) and Ms. Roma Jain (Teaching Assistant ) which was attended by 15 students. During the session we started with a small video on Right to Information Act followed by brief informative information regarding the same, Why Right to Information Application is filed, what is the mode of filing the same, what is the fee prescribed for filing the application. We also showed students draft sample format of the RTI application, so that they can have an idea “how RTI application is filed”? What exactly it includes and how concisely it has to be written as there is a word limit for filing the application.

Lastly, we have given them a practical problem to draft an RTI application to the local authority regarding the status of the completion of water pipeline laying project of the PWD, whichstudents have drafted and successfully submitted us onmlsexamination@gmail.com. Students really enjoyed the practical questions. Few students who have already filed an application in the past have shared their experiences with everyone.Students really enjoyed the practical session and happily participated in the same.

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