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MUIT Noida: P.G. Diploma In Data Science



Decision Making is a core component of emerging engineering systems. This becomes more of a mandate for the systems that consume large amounts of sensing data from independent sources. Owing to that, data-driven decision making is an essential component for the engineering studies, especially so for the PG Diploma in Data Science and Analytics course. MUIT’s PG Diploma in Data Science covers instruments and methodologies imperative for analysis of unstructured, raw and often corrupt data present in real-time engineering systems.

The PG Diploma in Data Analytics is the course that introduces students to decision making that is driven by big data and Analytics. The PG Diploma in Data Science is a 12-month, 2-semester course that takes students through the intricacies of Data Analytics. After the completion of the PG Diploma in Data Science from MUIT, a student will be able to find several opportunities as the certificate is proof of them being competent data scientists. This course will prepare you for several fields and industries and provide you with a number of necessary skills. After the course, students will be able to:

  • Perform data analysis and modelling as well as predictive analysis. They will be able to utilise data visualisation skills for storytelling, which is a skill considered to be crucial in decision making for businesses.
  • Analyse the data they are provided to be able to summarise the main characteristics of the data even with visual methods to support their exploratory data analysis.
  • Use and understand the main technologies of big data to enable the deployment of enterprise information management as well as to solve business problems.
  • Under the purview of PG Diploma in Data Science, learn AI (artificial intelligence) as well as about neural networks in order to facilitate the creation of intelligent and innovative machines.
  • Apply methods, techniques, and tools like R, Python, SQL, Excel, Tableau, Pig, Hive, etc. to real-world problems.
  • Post the PG Diploma in Data Science and Analytics, students will become adept in predicting outcomes, cleaning and unifying messy and complex data sets, etc.

PROGRAMME DELIVERABLE : PG Diploma in Data Science from MUIT

PROGRAMME DURATION : 12 months, consisting of 2 semesters

Candidate Eligibility :

55% aggregate (or 70% in Mathematics, Economics, Statistics)

MUIT, Maharishi University of Information Technology is among the top technical universities of the country. With a well-trained faculty on board, the university provides the best academic platform to its students for this PG Diploma pertaining to data analytics.

Foundations of Programming
Python for ML
Statistics & EDA
SQL & Visualization
Machine Learning I
Machine Learning II
Natural Language Processing
Advance Excel and Data Analysis using Excel
Aptitude Problem Solving
MUIT Noida: B. Tech in Computer Science & Engineering


PG Diploma in Data Science  is a one year program in Data Science. The objective of this program is to help students with good STEM background SWITCH to Data Science Domain.

At the end of the course, the candidate is completely employable in various Data Science roles in professional organization and can work as:

1. MIS
2. Data Analyst
3. Data Scientist
4. Data Miner
5. Business Analyst
6. Risk Analyst
7. Program Analyst
8. Data Visualizer

If you are a STEM professional/student and are looking to build professional career in World of Works, this PG Diploma teaches data analytics, and leapfrogs you to a role of business problem solver, as more and more business processes are becoming data driven.

MUIT Noida has a multi-acre campus, and supports a fully residential program. Hostel facilities both (AC/Non-AC) can be availed at an additional cost. Please contact us at +91 9311107233 for further details.

The Data Science programs in MUIT Noida are delivered in collaboration between MUIT and upGrad. This ensures two-fold benefit to the students. Firstly, our own placement cell works dedicatedly to secure the most apt and promising growth opportunities for the deserving candidates. Secondly, Industry Interfacing Support is also drawn from long list of upGrad corporate clients that are also official Data Science training partners for Corporate Companies.

No, not necessarily as the course curriculum covers all the required programming languages from scratch. STEM background is beneficial.

Application form is for INR 1200. You can fill the application form and pay online by clicking here.

You can reserve your seat for this PG Diploma in Data Science by paying INR 50,000 for tuition fee and INR 10,000 for hostel, on an initial basis. To understand the complete course fee structure, please call us at +91 9311107233 or drop us a message here.

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