Orientation programme


Maharishi School of Data Science organized an Orientation programme for the new B.Techstudents at the MSoDS premises on 1stOctober 2021. The overall objective of the programme was to familiarize students with the college environment and also make them aware of the academic aspects of the course,rules and regulations of the University and ensuring parental participation in monitoring the performance and progress of the students.

Dr. Awakash Mishra, Dy. Dean MSoDS, while delivering a speech on the occasion, said, that it is not the events but the attitude that cause success. One third of what constitutes a person is his genetic inheritance; another one third comes from the kind of upbringing he /she receives and the remaining one third from one’s own self. He also emphasized on the importance of dedication to one’s profession and the need to have proper planning before taking up and implementing any project.


In his brief address to the students, Dr. Vinay Pandey expressed delight over the fact that Data Science is one of the highly growing field in the market. And also, gave brief insights about the   engineering and other significant activities that willbe held during the college journey and briefed the students about the rules and regulations of the University and requested them to understand and abide by the institutional rules and norms.

Ms. Trapty Agarwal, Dean MSoDS, encouraged the students to learn new skills and enjoy college journey and also told them that college is not all about getting excellent marks and completing the syllabus but also about learning new skills and gain insights from all domains.

Further program continued by Umang Team, Cultural committee MSoDS. Teamgave an insight about the college, syllabus, exam format, ERPand Umang Committee.

Later, there was an interaction session between fresher’s and the seniors to get familiarized with the university and help the students navigate their new environment better so that everyone feel comfortable.

Ms. Trapty, blessed the fresher’sfor the new journey followed by a vote of thanks by Dr. Awakash.