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The field of Data Science is multi-disciplinary and involves the use of scientific processes, methods, systems, and algorithms that can help one extract knowledge and insights from unstructured as well as structured data. Data Science is based on the principles of data mining as well as Big Data and can be used as a problem-solving technique. The concept behind Data Science studies is to unify data analysis, statistics, and machine learning to facilitate understanding actual phenomena with the help of data. Though a previous undergraduate background in the same field is not required, a student must have proficiency in mathematics, economics, and statistics, as these skills are highly integrated within the course.

M.Sc. in Data Science is a focused program for creating employable resources in the Data Science industry by developing a vocational sense of analytical and technical skills for those with quantitative aptitude, which is considered conducive for Data Science and Big Data Analytics. The curriculum at MUIT, one of the best universities for M. Sc. in Data Science, is developed keeping Data Science and Big Data Analytics industry standards in mind and includes in-demand tools that complement the quantitative domain skills of Data Science and Big Data Analytics, like economics, finance, marketing, etc. Each student pursuing M. Sc. Data Analytics at MUIT gets lifetime access to class videos hosted on SoDS (School of Data Science) Adaptive Learning Management Portal. Pursuing Masters in Data Analytics/Science includes case study based learning, access to real-life data sets, and leader board based competitive assessment structure to create a sense of competition among the participants, which ensure industry-ready professionals after the completion of their M. Sc. in Data Analytics course.

There is no doubt that data scientists, people who have completed a master in Big Data degree or M. Sc. in data Analytics are in huge demand today. For years now, Big Data has been a hot topic and doing masters in Big Data Analytics from one of the best universities for Data Science has been a popular choice amongst students as well as professionals. MUIT is one of the best universities for MSc in Data Science and offers you the best curriculum and facilities to ensure that after the Data Science masters’ programs, students are able to find gainful and lucrative opportunities.

The course is well-suited for students who wish to discover new information in the field and wish to make a career in Data Science and Analytics. The course focuses on handling and analysing Big Data and using the results and takeaways to apply it in various fields so an organisation can maximise their operations. There are of course several career options and fields available for students who complete a master’s degree in Data Science. These options range from colleges and universities and research laboratories to government offices and MNCs.

PROGRAMME DELIVERABLE : M.Sc. in Data Science, Degree from MUIT, one of the best universities for M. Sc. in Data Science

PROGRAMME DURATION : 24 months, consisting of 4 semesters

Candidate Eligibility : For admission to the M. Sc. in Data Science, students should have achieved 55% aggregate (or 70% in Mathematics, Economics, Statistics)

  • Introduction to Big Data and Analytics Driven Decision Making
  • Business Statistics and Statistical Modeling using R / Excel
  • Data Reporting / Dash-boarding using Advanced Excel, VBA, and Macros
  • Database / Data Warehousing (RDBMS, SQL, ETL) for Analytics
  • Data Handling using SAS Language (Data Handling)
  • Data Visualization using Tableau, Google Charts
  • Econometrics using SAS
  • Market Research & Consumer Behavior Analytics
  • Introduction to Text analytics and Text Mining to Analyze Social Networks data
  • Financial Risk Analytics (PD Modeling)
  • Machine Learning Techniques for Recommendation Engines using Python
  • Excelling Big Data Analytics with Hadoop Ecosystem (HDFS, Hive, Hbase, Zookeeper, Pig, Scoop, Spark, NLTK, etc.)
  • Analytical Problem Solving Skills
  • NoSQL
  • Case studies on :
    • Telecom Analytics (Churn, Spend, etc.)
    • Retail Analytics (Marketing Basket, Churn, Customer Value, etc.)
    • Insurance Analytics (Fraud, Customer Segmentation, Profiling, etc.)
    • HR Analytics (Appraisals, Attrition, etc.)
    • Clinical Trial (Drug Effectiveness, etc.)

The participants would specialize in any two of the following industry domains and will work as a research associate in that specific domain:Specialization Options:

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Optimizations Techniques
  • Retail Analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • Financial Risk Analytics
  • Handling Large Unstructured Text Data using Big Data Technologies
  • HR Analytics

From Masters in Big Data Analytics to an M. Sc. in Data Science, when it comes to taking admission to data science courses, MUIT offers some of the best courses in NCR. Pursue a Masters degree in Big Data or complete your M. Sc. in Data Science and Analytics; you can rest assured of an industry standard curriculum that will help you get prepared for the right job.


M Sc. in Data Science is a two-year program wherein the first year aligns with a PG Diploma Course, helping students switch to the Data Science domain. The second year of the M. Sc. in Data Science drives students to specialize in the field of their choice by way of deep research in business problems and possibly contributing to new findings in the field

The Data Science masters program at MUIT is appropriate for STEM professionals who want to indulge in deep research to build new business models and come up with technical solutions for businesses that are driven by the data surge. Based on your inclinations and skills, you can opt for M. Sc. Data Analytics or for the Data Science Masters’ programs available at MUIT, one of the best universities for Data Science courses.

The Data Science Masters program at MUIT Noida is delivered in collaboration by MUIT and IVY Pro School. This collaboration offers two-fold benefits to students. To start with, our placement cell for Master’s in Big Data and M. Sc. Data Science courses works dedicatedly to offer apt and promising work opportunities to the deserving candidates. Secondly, Industry Interfacing Support is drawn from a long list of IVY corporate clients, which is also an official Data Science training partner with Corporate Companies like Cognizant and GENPACT, making MUIT one of the best universities for M. Sc. in Data Science courses.

For masters’ in Data Science and Analytics, you can reserve your seat in the course by paying INR 50,000 as tuition fee and INR 10,000 for the hostel, initially. To understand the complete course fee structure for masters’ in Data Science and Analytics or for assistance regarding the same, please call us at +91-9599707416 or drop us a message here

If you wish to take admission to the Master’s program in Big Data Analytics, you can visit the campus and fill in the application for the course accordingly, or you can download the form from the website and pay the fee online. Just like Data Science Masters’ programs, the Masters’ in Data Analytics at MUIT is a top-notch course. Make sure you go through the eligibility requirements beforehand.

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