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M.Sc in Animation and Multimedia


With the increasing demand and appreciation for animated content, there has never been a better opportunity for animators, artists and designers to showcase their talent and work creatively to enhance the media consumer’s viewing experience, and how interactively they consume content.

If you wish to wish to master the skill of computer animation, MUIT’s MSc. in Animation and Multimedia Programme will help you with developing skills in any one of the many areas of expertise within the animation and visual effects industry. The Programme covers vast aspects of animation and visual effects; right from ideation to post-production.

PROGRAMME DELIVERABLE : M.Sc. Degree from Maharishi University of Information Technology

PROGRAMME DURATION :24 months, consisting of 4 semesters

  • History of Animation and Live Action Movie
  • Aesthetics of Art and Culture
  • Visual Communication and Storytelling
  • Design Fundamentals and 3D Concept Development
  • Analytical Drawing of Character
  • Live Study and Background Design
  • Preproduction 01
  • Assignment and Semester Project
  • Digital Pre-Production
    • Matte Painting
    • Digital Painting
    • Master Study
    • Visual Development
    • Photography
    • Concept Art and Dynamic Sketching
    • Illustration
    • Story Boarding and Animatics
    • Assignment and Semester Project
  • Digital Asset Development
    • Concept Art and Dynamic Sketching
    • 3D Interface and Workflow
    • 3D Modeling
    • 3D Sculpting
    • 3D Texturing
    • Architectural Modeling and Rendering
    • 3D Lighting & Rendering
    • Assignment and Semester Project
  • Animation
    • Drawing for Animation
    • Classical Animation
    • 3D Interface and Workflow
    • Character Setup for Animation
    • 3D Animation Basic
    • Acting for Animation
    • Animation for Layout
    • Assignment and Semester Project
  • Visual Effects & Film Making
    • Introduction to Digital Tool
    • Film Appreciation and Analysis
    • Photography
    • 3D Interface and Workflow
    • Compositing Basic
    • Editing
    • 3D Lighting & Rendering
    • Assignment and Semester Project
  • Digital Pre-Production
    • Sculpting with Clay
    • Digital Sculpting
    • Environment Sketching for Movie
    • Vehicle Design for Production
    • Game Art Design
    • Life Skills With Personality Development
    • Assignment and Semester Project
  • Asset Development
    • Hard Surface Modeling
    • 3D Character Design for Production
    • Game Assets Development
    • Conceptual Background Design
    • Product Modeling and Rendering
    • Life Skills with personality development
    • Assignment and Semester Project
  • Animation
    • Character Animation Walk Cycle
    • Dynamic Character Animation
    • Quadruped Character Setup for Animation
    • Quadruped Animation
    • Motion Capture Data Workflow
    • Life Skills with Personality Development
  • Visual Effects Film Making
    • Special Effects for Movie
    • Dynamic Simulation for Movie
    • Advance Compositing
    • Set Lighting for Visual Effects
    • Rendering Post Production
    • Life Skills with Personality Development
  • Project Pipeline and Assets Management
  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Basic Business Modeling
  • Movie Merchandising
  • Internship
  • Group Assignment
  • Dissertation

The Programme ensures that you equip yourself with professional and creative skills to shape your career in your chosen area. As one of the best MSc. animation colleges in Noida, the faculty at MUIT takes that role in its stride, guiding you in the right direction.


You need to have done your graduation in order to apply for the MSc. in Animation and Multimedia Course.

The course is divided into 4 semesters which is spread out in the span of 24 months.

Apart from the MSc. in Animation and Multimedia Programme, there’s also the BSc. in Animation and Multimedia programme at MUIT.

Yes, you need top clear an entrance exam for the UG/PG/Diploma courses at MUIT.

The campus address is as follows : Maharishi University, Maharishi Nagar, Sector 110, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201304

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