Intro to Web Development Workshop

MUIT Noida Data Science Workshop: Intro to Web Development

The Intro to Web Development Workshop was conducted in MUIT by Gurjot Singh, a prolific member of Team CodeHawk. Being the community lead Gurjot was the prime speaker for the event and introduced the fascinating world of Frontend Web Development to the attendees with an equally commendable in-depth hands on knowledge.

Giving valuable insight from the very beginning moving on to progressively challenging tasks at hand, he took along all the participants. It was attended by all the students of the School of Technology, MUIT, Noida.

From introducing the syntaxes of HTML and CSS to creating a basic HTML website, then moving onto a more enhanced page. The workshop was meant for all the people, whether you are a beginner level or are proficient in web development. It was meant for anyone who wanted to brush up his skills and knowledge. He took various questions from the participants and cleared everyone’s doubts.

The experience was very good and we received expertise knowledge. Not only did the knowledge gained there count but also the atmosphere there made the experience even more pleasant and memory-lasting.

We were made aware of the various possibilities of this field and we’re encouraged to take up web development as our choice of study.

We learnt various things there like we should use our knowledge and wisdom to cater to the needs of the people, make this world more creative.

We also learned that we should use our talents to the fullest and optimize our limitations to unbounded proficiency in our work and wisdom.
“Knowledge is meant to be shared. Sharing it, is the best way to show your appreciation and make this world a much better place.”

By – Shubham Pradhan, Computer Science & Engineering with Data Science