Intro to Git and GitHub Workshop

MUIT Noida Data Science Workshop: Intro to Git and GitHub

An interactive workshop session detailing the Nitty-gritties of open source contribution using Git and GitHub was held at MUIT, Noida. Shubham Pradhan, Management Lead, Code Hawks was the speaker for the event. Blending the enthusiastic minds with explorable knowledge and creativeness. He introduced the fascinating world of Open Source contribution to the attendees with an equally commendable in-depth hands on knowledge.

It was attended by all the students and faculty members of the School of Technology, MUIT, Noida. He gave valuable insights ranging from the very basic to far more challenging tasks, he took care that no one felt unenthused. .

Moving from introducing the concepts of Git and GitHub, Version Control System (VCS), distributed systems, the need for open source and creatively engaging with the whole world anytime, anywhere to forking various projects and making pull requests. We were made to collaborate on a simple hands-on project thereby getting our concepts clearer. He even shared his resource material and ppt for further knowledge to fall back on. Also, shared cheateheet of important commands necessary for basic to complex working on GitHub collaborations.

The workshop was meant for any creative and enthusiastic mind, whether you are a beginner or an expert, all were welcome to learn something new or refresh their knowledge and return with something worthwhile. Since it was an interactive session he took various questions from the participants and cleared everyone’s doubts, explaining everyone in much simpler terms that it could be understood by anyone.

The experience was very good and the knowledge we received was of a high standard. Not only did the knowledge gained there count but also the atmosphere there made the experience even more pleasant and memory-lasting.

We were made aware of the various possibilities of open source contribution and we were encouraged to do open source contributions by collaborating on various projects according to our skills and interests, thereby having a high visibility GitHub profile. This would be very very helpful in our career as it would be the know-how of everyone out there of our skills and capabilities.