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International Collaboration

Maharishi University International Collaboration: Montserrat College of Art

12th April 2019 was indeed a red lettered day in the annals of our University, more particularlyforMaharishi School of Animation, when an MOU was signed between Maharishi University of Information Technology and Montserrat College of Art, USA. The main highlight of the MOU is to initiate working arrangements, provide international exposure to students and organize Faculty Exchange Program between MUIT and Montserrat College of Art, USA.

Montserrat College of Art Campus

The Montserrat College of Art, Massachusetts, USA, founded by working creative professional in late 60s, a time when people were questioning the status quo and seeking new solutions. Montserrat College of Art provides an individualized education focused on maximizing the professional and personal success of each student. Structured around experiential learning, studio practice, liberal arts and professional preparation. In early years Montserrat School of Visual Arts, as it was called, offered a professional Diploma in the same studio concentrations for which it is known today. By the 1980s, this still young Massachusetts art school was accredited and granted the authority to award a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. With that milestone came anew name: Montserrat College of Art. This is an accredited, non-profit, independent art school, accredited by the National Association of School of Art and Design: and by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc., through its commission on Institution of Higher Education to award the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.

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