MUIT Noida Data Science Workshop: Data Science Hackathon

Smart India Hackathon is a nationwide initiative to provide students with a platform to solve some of the pressing problems we face in our daily lives, and thus inculcate a culture of product innovation and a mindset of problem-solving. MUIT School of Technology students had cleared the first round of SIH2020 for software problem statement and selected for the grand finale which is going to be held in July 2020.

Team CodersGo:

  1. Soumya Ranjan (B.Tech Sem 4)
  2. Gurjot Singh (B.Tech Sem 4) 

3.Shubham (B.Tech Sem 4) 

  1. Shivani (B.Tech Sem 2) 
  2. Mansi (B.Tech Sem 2)
  3. Devansh (B.Tech Sem 6)