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MUIT Faculty Information

Dr. Trapty Agarwal

Experience: 15 years

Areas of Specialization: RDBMS, C/C++, Excel, Project Management

Prof. (Dr.) Awakash Mishra

Experience:17 years

Areas of Specialization:Cryptography and Network Security, Computer Network, Cloud Computing, Computer Architecture, Soft Computing, Python, Hadoop

Mr. Ram Dutt Rikhari

Experience:14 years

Areas of Specialization:RDBMS, C Language, Java & Python

Amiya Dhar Dwivedi

Experience:15 years

Areas of Specialization:Data Science, Python, Machine Learning, Mathematics

Dr. Teena Vats

Experience:15 Years

Areas of Specialization:Data Mining, Machine Learning, Data Structure

Mr. Syed Salman Sajid

Experience:09 Years

Areas of Specialization:Java, Web technology, Android

Ms. Meenu Shukla

Experience:5.5 years

Areas of Specialization:Cyber Security, IoT Security, Data Privacy & Security

Ms. Manpreet Kaur Aiden

Experience:05 years

Areas of Specialization:Neural Networks

Ms. Ankita Thakur

Experience:5 years

Areas of Specialization:Computer Networking , C Programming, RDBMS

Dr. Intekhab Alam

Experience:3 years

Areas of Specialization:Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Probability, Reliability Theory

Ms. Deeksha Choudhary

Experience:3 years

Areas of Specialization:RDBMS, OOPs, Python

Dr. Savita

Experience:3 years

Areas of Specialization:Image Processing, Internet of Things

Ms. Shivani Srivastava

Experience:2 years

Areas of Specialization:Communication Skills and English Literature

Ms. Anjali Singh

Experience:2 years

Areas of Specialization:Mathematics(Fractional Calculus)

Mrs. Radhika Gupta

Experience:2 years

Areas of Specialization:C, Java , Data Structure

Ayush Pathak

Experience:2 Years

Areas of Specialization:Mechanical Engineering

Vishal Sharma

Experience:2 Years

Areas of Specialization:Civil Engineering

Sandeep Goswami

Experience:1.5 Years

Areas of Specialization:Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Khushbu Pandey

Experience:1 Year

Areas of Specialization:DBMS, Data Structure and algorithm , Digital logic

Ms. Anshuli kashyap

Experience:1 Year

Areas of Specialization:JAVA, C programming, RDBMS

Dr. Kusum Lata

Experience:1 Year

Areas of Specialization:Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, C Language and Data Structure

Kajal Yadav

Experience:01 Year

Areas of Specialization:Machine Learning, IOT

Pragati Singh

Experience:01 Year

Areas of Specialization:Machine Learning, Software Engineering