Faculty of School Of Business Management | Maharishi University Noida

Faculty of School Of Business Management

Prof. (Dr.) Smita Mishra

Experience:16 Years

Areas of Specialization:Strategic and Marketing

Dr. Garima Srivastava (Associate Professor)

Experience:18 Years

Areas of Specialization:Human Resources and Business Laws

Dr. Neha Agrawal (Assistant Professor)

Experience:13 Years

Areas of Specialization:Finance and Human Resource

Ms. Monika Dhiman (Assistant Professor)

Experience:10 Years

Areas of Specialization:Accounting & Finance

Dr. Honey Gupta (Assistant Professor)

Experience:09 Years

Areas of Specialization:Finance and Marketing

Dr. Sarita Joshi (Assistant Professor)

Experience:7.5 Years

Areas of Specialization:Environmental Science

Dr. Ashish Gupta (Assistant Professor)

Experience:5 Years

Areas of Specialization:Accountancy, Finance and Marketing

Dr. Aditya Yadav (Assistant Professor)

Experience:3.5 Years

Areas of Specialization:Marketing and Operations

Ms. Jiya Wadhwa (Assistant Professor)

Experience:2 Years

Areas of Specialization:Finance, Marketing and Human Resource

Ms. Simar Olakh (Assistant Professor)

Experience:1 Year

Areas of Specialization:Marketing and Human Resource

Ms. Arpita Mathur

Experience:1 Year

Areas of Specialization:Human Resource and Finance