DiplomaCourse in Animation & Multimedia

Diploma Course in Animation & Multimedia

Graphic Design & UI / UX

Graphics & UI/UX design is very important for mobile applications. If your app is competing for attention in an app store, it has to capture the users attention instantly. This course deals with illustrating the concept of how the app operates and can be more user-friendly. To have adequate technical knowledge in detail about the basic tools, concepts of UI Designers, the UI Designing, MUIT’s, Maharishi School of Animation is the best School for the aspirants to learn the fundamentals of UI design. This UI Designing course teaches the principles of designing effective user interfaces, with a set of traditional interaction design patterns on all mobile devices.

Course Module

  • Computer Fundamentals & Digital Illustration
  • UI design fundamentals
  • Typography
  • Design Language
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Usability testing
  • HTML & CSS JavaScript Bootstrap
  • Elements of UX Design
  • UX Process
  • UX Design Process
  • UX Improvement Process
  • UX Delivery Process

Game Design & AR/VR

The increasing possibilities with interactive technology have opened up to virtual classrooms for teaching and educating the students. Research has proven that interactive teaching using such visual technologies is much more effective than the traditional methods which help students understand and gain knowledge better. Virtual reality is used in many training scenarios as it consists a wide range of benefits for academia and industrial needs and is also used in many games for more interactive experiences.

Course Module

  • The complementary competence of the Certificate program covers all aspects through the following modules:
  • Pre-production skills: Students develop their skills in level design, script writing and game design research through developing your own game concept as a member of a team.
  • Environment design: Students learn different aspects of environment design from Mise-en-scene and concept art to 3D modeling through developing their own game environment.
  • Character design: Students advance their skills in character design from character development to drawing and animation and 3D modeling through developing their own character.
  • Game production: Student advances their skills of development platforms, user interface design and project management through their own development projects.
  • Game development: Students gain a better understanding of scripting for game engines, 3D modeling and 3D animation that can be utilized in their own projects.
  • Advanced game projects: Students develop their own game in a team from start to finish which will deepen their practical skills and theoretical knowledge of game mechanics and the key areas of your professional interests.

2D Classical Animation

Animators breathe life into characters and make them come alive on screen. Regardless of the medium used, the animation principles required to make characters believable are the same. With a focus on traditional, hand-drawn character, animation students learn key industry terminology and practice production procedures including how keys, breakdowns, and in-betweens, all combine to make fluid action. In interactive lectures and hands-on exercises, instructors stress basic principles as students explore squash and stretch, anticipation and settle, the wave principle, and overlapping action. Students also have the opportunity to develop skills in clean-up, the technique of producing a polished drawing from a rough animation.

Course Module

  • Life Drawing
  • Character Animation
  • Animation Practices and Principles
  • Animation drawing
  • Environment and Visual Problem Solving
  • Storyboarding & Composition

PROGRAMME DELIVERABLE:  Diploma in Animation from Maharishi University of Information Technology


Candidate Eligibility:  10+2 or equivalent (any stream) with good English communication skills and creative bent of mind.

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