School of Data Science


B. Tech ( Computer Science ) & Engineering


Decision Making is a core component of emerging engineering systems. This becomes more of a mandate for the systems that consume large amounts of sensing data from independent sources. Owing to that, data-driven decision making is an essential component for the engineering studies, in Data Science and Analytics course.

After the completion of the B.Tech in Computer Science from MUIT, a student will be able to find several opportunities as the certificate is a proof of them being competent engineers. This course will prepare you for several fields and industries and provide you with a number of necessary skills. 

At MUIT, after completing the course of the B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering, the graduate will :–

>> Be employed in the computing profession.
>> Apply the learnings and innovative ideas and technologies as the computing field evolves.
>> Demonstrate an aptitude and interest for advance studies, research and practice and will contribute to the field of computing.
>> Demonstrate the knowledge of mathematics, science, computing fundamentals to identify, formulate, research and analyze the solution of complex computing problems.
>> Design solution for complex computing problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal and environmental considerations.
>> Choose appropriate techniques, resources, and modern IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex computing activities within the limitations

Apart from concentrating at the aspects of B. Tech in Computer Science & Engineering, following are the additional objectives that are aimed to nurture the skills of our students better –

>> To help students undertake various research tasks and mini-projects.
>> To help students grow their interpersonal and communication skills.
>> To encourage students to participate in various activities like tech fests, cultural events, sports, etc.
>> To inculcate teamwork values in students that will help in achieving a common goal.
>> To educate the students in terms of professional, ethical, and social responsibilities

PROGRAMME DELIVERABLE: The main aim of this program is to allow students to pursue a B.Tech Degree in Computer Science Engineering from MUIT, which will help them achieve success in the field of Software and IT

PROGRAMME DURATION : As mentioned before, the syllabus of CSE for B.Tech degree is quite detailed as it is the foundation for any future scope that the industry offers. Given that, the programme duration is that of 4 years i.e. 48 months. These 4 years consists of 8 semesters wherein the student will be educated in all the aspects of CSE.

Eligibility Criteria:  10+2 with Physics /Mathematics /Chemistry /Computer Science /Electronics /IT /Biology /Informativs practces /Biotechnology /Technical Vocational Subject /Agriculture /Engineering Graphics /Business Studies /Entrepreneurship (Any of the three)| General/OBC/PH/EWS- minimum 45% | SC/ST- minimum 40%

Mathematics – I
Programming for Problem Solving using C
Engineering Graphics & Design
Science of Consciousness – I
Mathematics – II
Digital Electronics
Data Structures using C
Basics of Python
Science of Consciousness – II
 Mathematics – III
Relational Database Management System and SQL
Robotics – I
Computer Networking
Operating System
Science of Consciousness – III
Cloud Computing
Object Oriented Programming using C ++
Robotics – II
PDP – IV Environmental Science
Computer Architecture
Science of Consciousness – IV
Data Warehousing
Discrete Structure and Graph Theory
Compiler Design
Software Project Management
Robotics – III
Science of Consciousness – V
Design and analysis of Algorithms
Computer Graphics
Mobile Application Development
Cyber Security
Robotics – IV
Science of Consciousness – VI
Software Testing
C# . Net
Cryptography and Network Security
Web Technology
1. Pattern Recognition
2. Soft Computing
3. Neural Networks
Theory of Automata and Formal Languages
Science of Consciousness – VII
One Elective –
1. Neural Network
2. Natural Language Processing
3. Artificial Intelligence
Digital Image Processing
Science of Consciousness – VIII


Yes, our detailed syllabus for those pursuing B.Tech degree in Computer Science will enable them to learn and gain the required knowledge about the various aspects of computing.

No, it is not mandatory to know coding languages as the curriculum will cover it all. However, you can read about the various programming languages, if you wish to.

Yes, we do offer a hostel facility for students. Please get in touch with us at +91-9599707416 for further details.

Software and IT industry is a developing one. It is constantly growing and the scope in this industry is huge. So, if you are looking to a professional future that will give you stability – pursuing this B.Tech in CSE is something that you should consider.

The program duration is for 4 years i.e. 48 months where the subjects are divided into 8 semesters. Each year consists of 2 semesters of 6 months each wherein the first cycle is known as Odd Semester and the second cycle is known as Even Semester.