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The most enriching BBA LLB Course in Noida

The BBA LLB course at MUIT Noida is a 5-year integrated programme that incorporates the knowledge of business administration and the study of legislative law to groom students to be the next generation of working professionals in industries that interface with business and law in India and abroad. Therefore, this course involves the study of both law subjects and business topics. The course is designed in a way that it depicts the interrelationship feature of both the law and business world.

A BBA LLB course is ideal for students who wish to learn about how the law regulates a business entity. Businesses need legal services and for this very purpose, this course always witnesses high demand. Another reason why the course is popular among students is that the graduates of the course get an opportunity to hold two positions at a time in an organization because of their acquired proficiency in both law and business. Also, many organizations require graduates who have knowledge of both law and business administration and therefore the students who complete this course can find employment both in the business and law sector.

After completing the BBA LLB course, students can go on and work in many sectors, such as banks, consultancies, business houses, judiciary departments and courts, etc. The required skill set for a BBA LLB course is: –

  • Interest in Research
  • Clarity of speech
  • Confidence
  • Persuasiveness
  • Great Presentation skills
  • Good convincing power
  • Good judgement of people and situation
  • Should be able to analyse and assimilate facts
  • Must be able to work long hours

Apart from the above-mentioned skills, students wishing to pursue the course should know that the course will require them to go through plenty of reading material.

The course perfect for students who know how to value ethic laws as well as principles. This course is also ideal for the students who wish to acquire professional business skills in the initial stages of their career itself.

After the BBA LLB course, one can opt for the job role of: –

  • Lawyer: One gets to represent and advice clients in civil and criminal cases.
  • Legal Advisor: In this job profile, one is required to safeguard clients from legal implications.
  • Solicitor: As a solicitor, one offers legal advice to commercial as well as private clients.
  • Lecturer or teacher: After the course, one gets to work as a lecturer at university or college level.

Graduates of the course can also apply for the roles of a public prosecutor, legal counsel, legal manager, associate attorney, etc.

This BBA LLB course consists of 10 semesters which are accomplished in the course duration of 60 months.

1. Legal Methods
2. Law of Contracts I
3. Tort Law
4. Micro Economics
5. Financial Management
6. Principles of Management
1. Legal and General English
2. Marketing Management
3. Business Organization and System
4. Macro Economics
5. Law of Contract-2
6. Legal History
1.Human Resource Management
2. Business Accounting
3. Auditing 4. Law of Crime-1(IPC)
5. Constitutional Law
6. Public International Law
1. Cost Accounting
2. Management Accounting
3. Consumer Behavior
4. Constitutional Law-2
5. Private International Law
6. Administrative Law
1. Business Environment and e-Business
2. Organization Behavior
3. Family Law-1(Hindu Law)
4. Corporate Law-1
5. Labour and Industrial Laws-1
6. Environmental Law
1. Business Ethics and Communication
2.Banking Laws in India
3. Family Law-2
4. Corporate Law-2
5.Laws of Crime-2(Cr.P.C.)
6. Law of Evidence

1. Property Law

2. Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act

3. Land Laws

4. Human rights

5. Jurisprudence

6. Clinical Course-1

1. Competitive Law
2. Intellectual Property Rights
3. Cyber Law
4. Trust Equity and Fiduciary Relationship
5. Alternative Dispute Resolution System
6. Clinical Course-2

1. Law of Banking and Insurance

2. Law of Taxation

3. International Trade Law

4. Gender and Law

5. Media Law

6. Clinical Course 3 – Pleading, Drafting etc.

1. Internship
2. Dissertation
3. Moot Court Exercise and Internship (Practical)

If you plan to become a lawyer working within the industry, interfacing with and for businesses for matters related to law, then come join and take admission the BBA LLB course at MUIT to put that plan into motion.


For admission in the BBA LLB course in MUIT, students belonging to the General and OBC categories must have passed their 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks. Students of SC and ST, however, need to have cleared their 10+2 with 45% marks.

Apart from the BBA LLB course, MUIT also has BA LLB, LLB, and LLM as its other Law courses.

This course has been divided into 10 semesters and is carried out in a period of 5 years.

The BBA LLB course is targeted towards preparing students to work in emerging fields that integrate corporate frameworks, management practice, entrepreneurial fields, and law. Subjects like Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Business, and Corporate Laws comprise of the core subjects in the BBA LLB course.

Yes, an online test is conducted for our UG, PG and Diploma courses to analyse the students for basic knowledge. The duration of the test conducted is 60 minutes.

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