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Among the top BA LLB Colleges in Noida

BA LLB, expanded to Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law, is a course at MUIT Noida that gives you the opportunity to work in the domain of law. The course teaches the students to understand the different types of laws that prevail, knowledge of the Indian Penal Code, and how to tackle legal issues. Other BA LLB course details include teaching the students about various law specializations, such as administrative law, corporate law, etc. The course is a combination of the study of Arts and Law. After completing the BA LLB course, students can go on to work as legal practitioners. A student wishing to pursue a BA LLB course should be a hardworking individual. He/she should possess the following skills:

  • Clarity of speech
  • Persuasiveness
  • Integrity
  • Confidence
  • Convincing power
  • Intellect
  • Able to work for long hours
  • Objectivity

Apart from the above-mentioned skillsets, the students who are able to draft formal documents with perfect accuracy are ideal for this course. Students wishing to pursue the course should also have problem-solving skills and should be able to think laterally. After finishing the course, the students can then go on to work as lawyers, advocate, solicitors, teacher or lecturer, legal counsels, or legal advisors. The graduates of a BA LLB course are always in huge demand and have job opportunities both in private firms, state government agencies or central government agencies. In the public sector, the graduates of this course can be appointed in highly respected jobs such as law officers, law assistants, junior legal officers, senior law officers, assistant public prosecutors, magistrates, and so on. The graduates of this popular course can also work in consultancies, banks, MNCs, judiciaries, sale tax and excise departments, revenue departments, state police departments, business houses, law firms, and many other areas. The five-year integrated BA LLB course by MUIT, one of the best BA LLB colleges in Delhi NCR, will equip students with analytical and critical skills along with comparative knowledge and unique perspectives, thus bridging law and social sciences. This will enable them to participate effectively in key current issues and shape the solution in ethically sound ways to help deliver justice. Read on to know the BA LLB course details at MUIT, one of the top BA LLB colleges in Noida:

Course Deliverables : BA LLB Degree from MUIT

Course Duration : 60 months, consisting of 10 semesters

Candidate Eligibility: Intermediate Standard (10+2) with 50% marks for General and OBC category students and 45% marks for SC and ST students One of the crucial details of the BA LLB course by MUIT that you should know is that it offers a revised syllabus crafted as per the demands of the industry.

1. Legal Methods

2. Law of Contracts-1

3. Tort Law and Consumer Protection

4. Principles of Sociology

5. Principles of Political Science

6. Micro Economics-1

1. Legal and General English

2. Sociology of Law

3. Micro Economics-2

4. Political Thoughts

5. Law of Contract-2

6. Legal History

1. Indian Society: Issues and Problems

2. International Relations

3. Macro Economics-1

4. Law of Crime-1 (IPC)

5. Constitutional Law

6. Public International Law

1. Sociological Thoughts

2. Macro Economics-2

3. Public Administration

4. Constitutional Law-2

5. Private International Law

6. Administrative Law

1. History-1

2. Principles of Organization

3. Family Law-1 (Hindu Law)

4. Corporate Law-1

5. Labour and Industrial Laws-1

6. Environmental Law

1. History-2

2. Sociology of Crime and Deviance

3. Family Law-2

4. Corporate Law-2

5. Laws of Crime-2 (Cr.P.C.)

6. Law of Evidence

1. Property Law

2. Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act

3. Land Laws

4. Human Rights

5. Jurisprudence

6. Clinical Course-1

6. Clinical Course-1

1. Competitive Law

2. Intellectual Property Rights

3. Cyber Law

4. Trust Equity and Fiduciary Relationship

5. Alternative Dispute Resolution System

6. Clinical Course-2

1. Law of Banking and Insurance

2. Law of Taxation

3. International Trade Law

4. Gender and Law

5. Media Law

6. Clinical Course-3 (Pleading, Drafting, etc.)

1. Internship

2. Dissertation

3. Moot Court Exercise

Maharishi University of Information Technology based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh is among the best BA LLB colleges in Delhi NCR, and is included in the list of universities that UGC maintains under the UGC Act, 1956 (section 2 (f)). As an institution, MUIT Noida stands out among the BA LLB colleges in Noida, and offers the right opportunity to you to kick-start your career in the field of Law. It is regarded as one of the best BA LLB colleges in Delhi NCR as it offers just the right learning environment to the students.


MUIT, one of the best BA LLB colleges in Noida, offers a chance to its students to learn and grow in the best academic environment. With experienced teachers and great infrastructure, MUIT Noida strives to provide its BA LLB students with the sound knowledge of ethically delivering justice.

After completing the BA LLB course from MUIT Noida, you can apply for various job roles, including legal manager, legal officer, private attorney and lawyer, etc.

The duration of the course at MUIT, one of the best BA LLB colleges in Delhi NCR, is 5 years.

Yes, MUIT is one of those BA LLB colleges which are recognised in the list of universities maintained by the UGC in the UGC Act, 1956 (section 2(f)), and is the BA LLB college in Noida to go for.

Intermediate Standard (10+2) along with 50% marks for the OBC and General categories, and 45% marks for SC and ST category students. This is a standard criterion which is practiced at some of the best BA LLB colleges in Delhi NCR.

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