A Good Teacher is like a candle that consumes itself to light the way for others. At MUIT, we have a team of such selfless, highly qualified and experienced team of educators, who not only impart wisdom but also instill in the students the desire to propel themselves towards gaining excellence and success in the field of animation. With extensive experience in their area of expertise, our faculty members strive to enhance the academic arsenal of students so as to help them flourish within global standards of quality

The faculty development programme (FDP) is a unique feature of our University conducted at regular intervals. The FDP’s enrich the learning of respective faculty members to keep them update in their area ofcurriculum delivery.

We believe that only a lighted lamp can light another lamp.


Mr. Bhanu Pratap Maharatha

(Assistant Professor)
Experience : 13+ Years

Mr. Gaurav Mishra

(Associate Professor)
Experience : 12+ Years

Mr. Rajat Saxena

(Assistant Professor)
Experience : 12+ Years

Anil Kumar

(Assistant Professor)
Experience : 12+ Years

Mr. Rajat Dua

(3D Animation Faculty)
Experience : 14+ Years

Ms. Ritika

(Teaching Assistant)
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