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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus – description by World Health Organization (WHO). Wuhan, China was the epicentre of the outbreak of COVID-19 that gradually captured the globe in no time. The analysis of destruction caused by this disease is very important to make people understand its severity. The visualization of data is very appealing and it becomes easy to make people understand facts. The data can be presented with the help of graphs, maps or any kind of plot. Tableau is one of the very powerful tools for data visualization where various plots can be created and dashboard is built. I have analysed the COVID 19 (India) destructions on Tableau.

The main ingredient for any analysis is DATA. There are many data sets available on internet. But, picking up the right data sets is really important. The source of data should be reliable. I downloaded the data set from Kaggle, which is a reliable source. The data set has the information of Covid 19 cases until 12th April 2020. The data set has 9 columns including, Serial Number, Date, Time, State/Union Territory, Confirmed Indian National, Confirmed Foreign National, Cured, Deaths, and Confirmed.

I have analysed data with four different criteria. The analysis are as follows:-

  1. Monthly  Confirmed cases:-

2. Monthly Confirmed vs Cured vs Deaths:-

3. Cured vs Deaths in different states

4. Time Analysis

The most beautiful feature of Tableau is the dashboard feature. In dashboard, we can attach all these visuals at the same place, which help us to go through all the analysis at a glance. Here is the dashboard:-


Each analysis provides a different conclusion. Let us discuss the conclusion drawn from each analysis.

Analysis -1:- The first analysis shows that the spread of Covid 19 in India started from Kerala in the month of January, which gradually increased in February and captured all the states of India in the month of March and April.

Analysis -2:- The second analysis depicts very few amount of confirmed, cured and death cases in January and February but small rise occurred in each type of cases in March. However, drastic increase can be seen in confirmed cases while gradual increase in cured and death cases in the month of April.

Analysis -3:- The third analysis shows the map of India where number labels shows total number of cured cases in each state while colour shows the total number of death cases. Dark brown colour reflect more number of deaths.

Analysis -4:- The fourth analysis depicts number of confirmed, cured and death cases occurring at different time period.

Instructions to be followed:

From all the conclusions drawn above one thing is very clear, that the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID 19) has increased drastically in India. It is high time to fight against this virus. The people should follow the guidelines issued from the Indian government, as they are issued in the public interest only. As it is a commutable disease so it is advisable for the public to wear protected masks and use sanitisers and not go outside in public places.

Maintain Social Distancing and we can maintain distance from COVID-19

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