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Moot Court rooms are a focal point of the MUIT. Moot court is an essential activity of law School. Through regular moot court competitions and mock trials of cases, the University strives to integrate the theory and practise of law on campus. Students are taught how to improve their analytical, research, oratory, and writing skills, which will help them succeed in their careers. For the students to gain real-life experience, a proper scenario based on a courtroom is created. Throughout the proceedings, they must pretend to be lawyers. The judges may ask them questions to assess their conceptual understanding of the relevant laws. The goal is to ensure that students understand the various nuances of the law. Mooting would help them understand the law in all of its dimensions and depths.


Studio & Newsroom

The Studio and Newsroom facilities at MUIT serve as invaluable resources for students pursuing journalism and mass communication, offering a practical milieu conducive to skill development. Within this environment, students could acquire hands-on experience in the production of diverse media formats, encompassing news reports, podcasts, and videos. Furthermore, these facilities foster an atmosphere that encourages collaboration, networking, and the acquisition of insights from seasoned professionals in the field.
One of the distinguishing features of the Studio and Newsroom is the provision of access to industry-standard equipment and software. This strategic provision plays a pivotal role in adequately preparing students for the demands of real-world media environments. The utilization of cutting-edge tools ensures that students not only familiarize themselves with contemporary industry practices but also cultivate a proficiency that aligns with the standards prevalent in the professional landscape. In essence, the Studio and Newsroom at MUIT function as dynamic educational spaces that seamlessly integrate theoretical knowledge with practical application, equipping students with the competencies essential for success in the field of journalism and mass communication.