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Faculty Development Programme

Faculty Development Programme

“Perfection in Education: A Vision of Total Knowledge” August 1st to 5th, 2022.

Maharishi School of Science of Consciousness, organized a five day Faculty Development Programme on the theme ‘‘Perfection in Education: A Vision of Total Knowledge”. The FDP provided a thorough understanding of the concept.

This 5 day FDP was one of its kinds as it aimed to bring perfection in the field of education through holistic approach? This FDP was very relevant in current scenario as it embodied the very essence of National Education Policy 2020 which is holistic education and more so because holistic education is the underlying concept of teachings of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ji, the Founder Chancellor of Maharishi University.

The FDP provided an exposure to the participants and a chance to enhance their competencies in the subject area.

First Day (1st August 2022) Inaugural Session

The FDP commenced with the Inaugural session on 1st August 2022 with the lighting of lamp followed by SaraswatiVandanaand blessings of Maharishi ji in the august presence of  Honorable Chancellor (Shri  Ajay Prakash Shrivastava),  Honorable DG (Professor Group Captain O. P. Sharma) , Honorable Vice Chancellor (Prof Bhanu Pratap Singh), Advisor of School of Science of Consciousness (Ms. Aditi Shrivastava),  Registrar (Prof. Akhand Pratap Singh),  Deputy Registrar (Shri Girish Chhimwal),  Director- Planning and implementation (Shri Dinesh Pathak), Dean- Academics of Lucknow and Noida Campus (Dr. Sapan Asthana and Mr. Ajay Kumar),  all the other dignitaries, Deans of Schools, and participants including MUIT faculty members.

The welcome note along with a brief overview of the FDP was delivered by Dr. Neeraj Jain (Professor, School of Science), followed by the Presidential Address which was given by Honorable Vice Chancellor, Prof Bhanu Pratap Singhin which he mentioned that TM gives a sense of wholeness and balance among the physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of our lives. It was followed by the Keynote Address by Honorable Chancellor, Shri Ajay Prakash Shrivastava, who accentuated that the practice of Transcendental Meditation provides students with more opportunities to connect with the ‘inner aspect of life’ that facilitates growth in their academic and leadership skills and contributes to their intellectual growth, self-confidence, and psychological wellbeing, thusenabling them to live 200% of life.

First Technical Session -Dr. Lane Wagger (International Director for Maharishi Corporate Development Program)

Introduction, Learning without Stress, bringing Perfection to Education. Transcendental Meditation and stress-freework environment.

 On the first day (1st August 2022),Dr. Lane Wagger brought forth the concepts and benefits of Transcendental Meditation. He explained how the technique of Transcendental Meditation helps to experience transcendental consciousness. He further elaborated that TM, if practiced regularly, is very beneficial especially for teachers and students. It helps to improve performance by de-stressing and become calmer, composed and work with our full potential, thereby enhancing our overall development. Dr. Lane Wagger, very beautifully explained the various concepts pictorially including the Missener Effect.  The participants were also told about the TM Siddhi program, which is an advanced course of Transcendental Meditation characterized by supreme level of mind, body coordination.

The session was moderated by Dean, School of Science of Consciousness (Dr. Mudita Agarwal).

Second day (2nd August 2022)

Second Technical session- Short video clips of Maharishi ji

Third Technical Session- Mr. Jay Banerjee(Cofounder, Immersive Touch Inc.)

Unified field as the basis of all knowledge, and the consciousness perspective in different fields of study.

On the second day (2nd August 2022), in the first session, the participants learnt about the concepts of knowledge and goals of education in the words of Maharishi ji, through his short video clips. In these video clips Maharishi ji told that the very foundation of knowledge is consciousness of the knower, and the goal of education are harmony in attitude, and knowledge of mind and body. 

In the second session, Mr. Jay Banerjee (Cofounder, Immersive Touch Inc.) shared his experiences and the change in his personal and professional life after he became a regular practitioner of TM. Besides that, he also talked about his business venture and how TM helped to enhance his productivity.

The session was moderated and conducted brilliantly through interview mode by the Convener of the FDP, Mr. Gaurav Thakur, Asst. Prof. Maharishi School of Science of Consciousness.

Third Day (3rd August 2022)

Fourth Technical Session – Dr. Francis Clarke (Maharishi Vedic Research Institute, Australia and International Director for Consciousness Based education)

Consciousness Based Education: Awakening of the Full Potential of Every Student.

 On the third day (3rdAugust 2022), Dr. Francis Clarke shared her knowledge about the concept of ‘Consciousness Based Education’. She told about the importance of consciousness and how TM helps to experience this consciousness. She told about the fundamentals of education, cycle of knowledge and different types of minds as classified by Howard Gardener. 

The session was moderated by the Convener of the FDP, Mr. Gaurav Thakur, Asst. Prof.,Maharishi School of Science of Consciousness.

Fourth Day (4th August 2022)

Fifth Technical Session- Prof. Bhuvnesh Sharma (Vice Chancellor, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwidyalaya)

Sixth Technical Session – Ms. Poonam Verma (Asst. Prof., Graphic Era Hill University, Dehradun)

Veda, the source of all branches of knowledge. Maharishi Vedic Science and Modern Sciences.

On the fourth day (4th August 2022), there were two sessions both pertaining to Veda as the source of knowledge. Both the sessions were very insightful and beautifully connected the modern science with the knowledge of Vedas.

In the first session,Prof. Bhuvnesh Sharma, dealt with the more technical aspects of the concepts of TM as stated by Maharishi ji. He talked about the Unified Field and Vedas being the source of all knowledge. Prof. Bhuvnesh told that the Vedas are ancient scriptures written on the basis of experiences and cognitionof the knowledgeable rishis and seers, the essence of which is lost in their literal translation. He also presented the relevance of knowledge of Vedas and consciousness based holistic education in terms of NEP-2020.


In the second session, Ms. Poonam Verma, connected the Vedas with the Artificial Intelligence. She apprised about machine learning, cognitive learning and importance of ethics in AI. She told about the importance of Sanskrit as an unambiguous language. She also brought to light once again that our ancient scriptures show that we were far ahead in the knowledge of numbers and otherwise and it is being realized globally.

The Sessions were moderated by Shri Dinesh Pathak, Director- Planning and implementation, Maharishi University of Information Technology.

Fifth Day (5th August 2022)

Seventh Technical Session – Prof. Dr. P. S Grover (Retired, Director General AT GGS Indraprastha University)

Imbibing Human Values among students in the class via Outcome based Education Framework.

On the fifth day (5th August 2022), Prof. Dr. P. S Grover, gave a lively presentation on the active learning strategies for continuous quality improvement. He mentioned the different learning strategies undertaken by various professional members and teachers. The pros and cons were also discussed. He emphasized on the importance of continuous quality improvement and its necessity in the current trends. He further elaborated on the basic need for outcome based education, its importance and significance. He explained the basic difference between outcome-based education and conventional method of education. He also mentioned the significance of Transcendental Meditation in imbibing human values among the students.

The session was moderated by Dr. Mudita Agarwal (Dean, School of Science of Consciousness)

At the end of each day, the resource persons were honoured with virtual presentation of certificates.