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“Drafting Competition Bail”

A Report on

Constitution Day Celebration

“Drafting Competition Bail”

26th November, 2022

Organized by: Maharishi Law School in coordination with IQAC

Objective of the Event: The competition aimed to encourage legal acumen among students and deepen their understanding of constitutional principles, particularly in the context of bail laws. Competitions like these serve as valuable platforms for students to enhance their research, drafting, and advocacy skills, which are essential for a successful legal career.

On 26th November, 2022, Maharishi Law School organized a drafting competition to celebrate Constitutional Day with the theme “Drafting Competition Bail. The competition saw active participation from students across different batches, reflecting their keen interest in legal drafting and constitutional matters. Participants demonstrated a high level of understanding of bail laws and constitutional provisions related to them. Their submissions reflected thorough research, logical reasoning, and clarity of expression. A panel of experienced faculty members and legal professionals evaluated the submissions based on criteria such as legal accuracy, coherence, originality, and adherence to constitutional principles. After careful deliberation, the winners were selected based on the overall merit of their submissions and their ability to effectively articulate legal arguments. The competition witnessed enthusiastic participation from students, showcasing their research, analytical, and drafting skills. The Constitution Day celebration and drafting competition foster a sense of community among students and faculty, promoting dialogue and engagement on important legal issues.

Competition Winners:

First Place (Winner): Himanshu Tripathi

Second Place (1st Runner-Up): Tanya Tyagi

Third Place (2nd Runner-Up): Piyush and Gaurav (Joint)

The winners were felicitated during a special ceremony as part of the Constitution Day celebrations. They were commended for their exceptional performance and awarded certificates of recognition.