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“Moot Court Competition Training Session”

A Report on Workshop

“Moot Court Competition Training Session”

6th June, 2021

Organized by: Maharishi law School in coordination with IQAC.

Objective of the Workshop: The Moot Court Society of Maharishi Law School organized a workshop titled “Moot Court Competition Training Session '' on 06.06.2021 at 10:00 A.M in coordination with IQAC . The virtual workshop was conducted on the Zoom platform. Ms. Isha Baloni, BBA LLB, 6th Semester student & Joint Secretary, Moot Court Society hosted the workshop. Mr. Harshit Kiran, Convener, Moot Court Society welcomed the Guest Mr. Udit Raj Sharma, Assistant Professor, UPES, Dehradun with an introduction of his profile and a welcome momento. Thereafter, Ms. Rakhi Tyagi, Member (Faculty), MCS introduced and welcomed Mr. Girdhar Gopal Khattar, Associate at Neeti Niyaman (Law Firm). Further, Richa Jaiswal (Co-Convener, Moot Court Society) introduced and welcomed Ms. Alini Saxena, NLU Jodhpur.

Dr. K.B. Asthna (Dean of Maharishi Law School) addressed the participants and also welcomed all the guests of the webinar. Ms. Alini Saxena started the workshop by sharing her valuable insights on how to do the research of the case in hand, analysis on the same and facts of the case should be well laid out. Moot memorial should always be to the point and not contain unnecessary points which would be irrelevant to the proceedings of the case. Lastly, she mentioned that we should use sticky notes, highlight the important points and make proper detailed notes.

Thereafter, Mr. Girdhar Gopal Khattar started by imparting knowledge on court room etiquettes like dressing style, behaviour and way to conduct yourselves in front of the Judges. He further highlighted two important points i.e. firstly, start from the basic research material, take help from seniors, faculty and friends, stick to your case; secondly, go for a renowned website to extract relevant case laws. Speakers and researchers must be aware about all details of the case, in case the judge puts up a question they should be in condition to answer them. Team should be well-coordinated. Lastly, Mr. Udit Raj Sharma concluded the webinar by highlighting a few important points i.e a) Knowledge of law and facts b) Interpretation of law c) Articulation d) Advocacy skills e) Time Management f) Clarity of thoughts. He also conducted a Q & A session where he answered all the queries of the student.

This workshop was organized by Moot Court Society, MLS team comprising Mr. Harshit Kiran (convenor), Richa Jaiswal (co-convenor), Ashish Choudhary (Secretary), Isha Baloni (Joint Secretary)and Vivek Yadav (student coordinator) moot court society, MLS with the support of IT team including Aniket Singh and Sreeraj Prabhakaran under the guidance and support of Dr. K B Asthana, Dean, Maharishi Law School, Dr.Annu Bahl Mehra, Deputy Dean, Maharishi Law School along with faculty members, Mr. Padmesh Kataria, Ms. Rakhi Tyagi & Mr. Gaurav Dhawan. The committee members also thanked the IT support team of MUIT including Mr. Shiv Pal and Mr. Javed. Vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Annu Bahl Mehra (Deputy Dean, MLS).