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“Ad- Mad Show”

“Ad- Mad Show”

 9th February, 2024 (Friday)

11:00 AM to 01:00 PM

Organised by: Maharishi School of Business Management, Noida


Objective of the Event: To foster creativity, communication skills, and marketing acumen by challenging participants to create entertaining advertisements within a limited timeframe, promoting teamwork and innovation.

Participating Students: B.Com and BBA students were the primary participants of the event.

The Maharishi School of Business Management, Noida, in collaboration with IQAC organized an event named "Ad-Mad Show – Where Creativity Meets Madness" on February 9, 2024 (Friday) in the auditorium at MUIT, Noida Campus.

The event started with the welcome note by Prof. (Dr.) Smita Mishra, Dean, Maharishi School of Business Management and the introduction of the esteemed judges Prof. (Dr.) Awakash Mishra, Dean Maharishi School of Engineering and Technology, MUIT, Noida and Dr. Ashish Gupta, Assistant Professor, SOBM, Noida.

The Ad Mad Show was a vibrant and entertaining event that showcased the creativity and talent of our students. A total of 10 teams participated in the event, demonstrating their enthusiasm in developing innovative advertisements to promote fictional products. The event was a vibrant amalgamation of humor, strategic thinking, and rapid ideation. The auditorium was abuzz with energy as each team confidently presented their assiduously crafted commercials in a restricted time frame, incorporating catchy jingles, witty dialogue, and captivating visuals to promote a variety of products.

The judges meticulously assessed each performance, considering creativity, originality, presentation skills, and the effectiveness of conveying the product's message. Following a fierce competition, the winners were declared, and the top 3 teams were awarded with trophies and certificates. All participating teams received certificates as well. The event concluded with smiles of contentment all around, leaving a lasting impression on everyone involved. Prof. (Dr.) Smita Mishra (Dean, SOBM), extended a note of gratitude.

Overall, The Ad Mad Show not only celebrated advertising but also provided a platform for aspiring marketers to refine their skills and explore innovative ideas. It was an electrifying event that captivated and motivated the audience, showcasing a blend of entertainment and inspiration.