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Maharishi University of Information Technology organized an enjoyable tour to Mathura-Vrindavan for the final-year students of B.A. LLB, B.B.A. LLB, and LLB on May 18, 2023. The tour was led by the esteemed Dr. K.B. Asthana, Dean of MLS, in assistance with the faculty members Dr. Ritu Meena, Mr. Arun Kumar, Mr. Amal Srivastava, and Dr. Deependra Nath Pathak, Assistant Professors of Maharishi Law School. The purpose of the tour was to educate the students on the historical importance of the Temples of Krishna Janam Bhoomi. Mathura and Vrindavan are home to thousands of temples, each with its own unique meaning and significance. Mathura is a highly revered and sacred city in India, as it is the birthplace of Lord Krishna and the land where he spent his early life. The city of Mathura is filled with numerous temples, music, dances, and art forms, making it a culturally significant place. This tour is a great opportunity for the students to gain knowledge about the religious and spiritual significance of Mathura and Vrindavan.


Students were taken to the Krishna Janam Bhoomi Temple. The Krishna Janamasthan, at Mathura, is important because this is where Lord Shri Krishna manifested Himself in the prison house of the cruel king Kansa and set free his father Vasudeva and his mother Devaki. His purpose was to destroy evil, protect the virtuous, and establish righteousness on a firm footing.

After that, students were taken towards Govardhan Hill. According to legend, Lord Krishna raised Govardhan Hill with one finger as a kid to save his hometown, Mathura, from heavy rains and thunderstorms. Radhakund was also visited by the students. Banke Bihari Temple, Prem Mandir, and Isckon Temple at Vrindavan were also visited by the Students. The beauty of the Prem Mandir had stolen the hearts of the Students. They had also enjoyed the attractive lighting of the "Prem Mandir" of Vrindavan. Students had mesmerized themselves with the glorious bhakti of Lord Krishna. Students were privileged to visit Keshi Ghat, which is one of the most stunning places to visit in Vrindavan. Students enjoyed a boat ride over there. Over all, it was a great and memorable educational tour under the teacher’s supervision.