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Maharishi Industry Relations Cell (MIRC) is the Training and Placement department of Maharishi University. MIRC has been set up by the University as per the vision of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ji, our First Chancellor, to provide access to internship openings, job opportunities, career guidance, skill development along with several tools and opportunities for all the students of the University.

The concept of training is executed by the MUIT placement department and has been successful. The placement cell honestly strives to provide students with a range of abilities and skills that will enable them to flourish in both their professional and personal lives. The pupils are being transformed to meet the demands of the industry in large part thanks to the Training & Placement Cell. All of the students are routinely encouraged to attain the highest grades possible in the curriculum and are advised of the importance of maintaining strong academic performance. The students are exposed to these kinds of activities from the very first day they set foot inside the University, and training programmes and seminars connected to the industry are periodically arranged. These courses, along with practise exams, are now necessary, and evaluation processes are carried out in accordance with standards set by the business world. They are being trained to be the most intelligent people with superior analytical and logical skills.

Objective Of The Placement Program:

The primary goal of the placement department is to close the knowledge gap between academia and industry by providing the appropriate training.

Pre-Placement Activities

By inviting different companies for campus placements who are in their third year of study and are likely to graduate, we assist students in exploring placement opportunities. The final placements are the outcome of extremely organized interactions with the business community and ongoing career guidance for the students. Students receive ongoing career guidance from the outset of the programme, and this guidance is rigorously pursued with potential employers in order for them to take part in the placement programme. This helps the recruiters find the best applicants, as well as the students in landing their Super Dream Jobs. There are many different activities.
• Competency parameters or competency segments.
• Total personality development theory.
• Bridging the gap between business and academia.
• Developing communication skills both verbally and nonverbally.
• Learning techniques for boosting confidence and self-worth.
• Acquiring aptitude, analytical, and logical abilities.
• Acquiring technical abilities.
• Enhancing interpersonal and emotional intelligence.
• Leadership and management abilities.
• Emergence of a bright outlook.
• Creation of insightful perspectives.
• Simulated or mock exercises.
• Online and offline tests for company-specific training.
Professionals from a variety of industries frequently visit the Institute, interact with the students, and provide guidance in line with industry norms and standards.

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