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About MUIT

About Maharishi University

The Maharishi University of Information Technology  (MUIT) was established under MUIT Uttar Pradesh Act No. 31 of 2001 Notification no 573 dated 06 October, 2001. The University Main Campus is at Sitapur Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The University is reputed to disseminate quality education. His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji was the First Chancellor of the University. MUIT has been recognized and included in the list of Universities, maintained by the UGC under section 2 (f) of the UGC Act, 1956. The University offers Diploma in Engineering, B. Tech., M. Tech., BBA, MBA, BCA, MCA, B. Com., M. Com., B. Sc., M. Sc., D. Pharm, B. Pharm, B A (Hons.), BA , M. A. & Ph. D. Courses. The selected programs are offered to the students at Lucknow Campus. To further assist the students audio-visual rooms are being setup in both the campuses so that students can listen to educational programs broadcasted through Satellite and Internet and also exploit multi-media for learning. The University has been established in the lap of nature in sprawling with well-designed internal roads, spacious lawns and Botanical Garden with a treasure of medicinal plants, far from pollution of industry yet well connected by air, rail and road.

From Potentiality to Actuality through Creative In

Bubble of thoughts are produced in a stream one after the other and the mind is trained to experience the oncoming bubble at an earlier stage of its development, from A to Z in sequence (see illustration). When the attention has reached level Z, then it has traversed the whole depth of the mind and has reached the source of creative intelligence in man. The source of thought, the source of creative energy, thus comes within scope of the conscious mind and fills it with strength over and above the strength gained by the conscious mind in fathoming the deeper levels of the sub-conscious. The depth of the conscious mind represented on the diagram by W1 has been transformed into greater depth represented by W2. This is how the conscious mind is enlarged to its maximum capacity, embracing within its fold the source of creative intelligence and thus becoming infinitely powerful.

The technique of enlarging the conscious mind is so simple that it can be practiced by anyone. It does not need any preparation to start nor does it depend upon the person’s power of concentration. It is not dependent on the intellectual or emotional state of one’s mind. It will develop balance in life and understanding of right values. It will improve the memory and power to retain knowledge. It will increase self-confidence and self-reliance. It will develop creative intelligence. In fact, it will supply that which is needed to make education complete.

We all are in the mould of Godliness and; ‘Self is the cause’ and ‘Self is the effect’ are our two philosophical postulates for behavioral application to transform ourselves into a whole man for leading a life of dignity for total fulfillment. This in fact means living life king size. Living life King size signifies the sense of dignity, lordliness, independence with flair of interdependence, autonomy, actualization, fulfillment, contentment, happiness with proportionately greater sense of responsiveness for the obligations enjoined on the individual who prefers to live life king size. This reflects synergy created with the combination of Can and Will attitude. It is demonstrative of fortitude to meet challenges with a smile. Leadership Profile is built-in in the concept of living life king size. It is leading by example as a model role-play in a holistic frame for others to follow. King is what king does so is the man and woman of action living life king size. The bottom line is Win-Win situation now and always, here and there in all settings with all people at all times. The instrumentality is Creative intelligence.

The Transcendental Meditation Technique, the practical aspect of the Science of Creative Intelligence, is a simple, natural procedure for every man to open his awareness to the infinite value of Creative Intelligence lying at the source of thought. A thought is an impulse of energy and intelligence. The source of thought, from where innumerable currents of energy and intelligence arise, is the unman fest, unbounded field of pure energy and pure intelligence, which is the full value of Creative Intelligence.

The nature of the mind is to progress in the direction of more happiness, energy, and power. This tendency of the mind to move towards fulfillment spontaneously takes it to the unbounded field of Creative Intelligence at the source of thought. When this field is incorporated as the very nature of awareness, ones conscious mind is always upheld by the full value of Creative Intelligence.

MUIT Consciousness is the state of consciousness in which Cosmic Intelligence is spontaneously maintained in the awareness. In this state thoughts are fulfilled spontaneously and one enjoys the full support of Nature because ones awareness is established in the home of all the Laws of Nature.

If the bubble of thought could be consciously appreciated at the level below A and at all levels of its subtlety from A to Z, then it would be possible to bring the level Z within the range of the conscious mind. In this way the depth of the conscious mind represented by W1 would become greater as represented by W2 and the power of the conscious mind would be increased manifold.

Education is the direction DISHA™ for facilitating the process to grow into a whole man. The objective is to transform the human beings into human beings. Pragmatically, the practice of education can be summed up in five simple words; the first word is knowledge, knowledge is truth which is intellectually comprehended. Skill is the second word. It has many facets. It may extend from skill in attending to personal health and hygiene to professional skill. Righteous conduct refers to skill in one’s personal behavior. It is an aesthetical skill. Peace is the third word, which gives us the educational principle of equipoise or balance. It helps us to steer clear of all controversies and arrive at a synthesis of opposites. It is a sign of culture of a person. A person with this balance in his conduct can bring together and reconcile different points of view. Unhealthy and harmful feelings are eliminated, refined and sublimated. The educated or cultured man always maintains balance even when in stress and under strain. Understanding is the fourth word. This suggests the awareness of the environment or the society in which one lives. The understanding is the product of the joint projection of intellect and emotions, which together make for man’s responses to his environment leading to the particular awareness.

The social awareness leads to universal love and hence non-violence. The fifth word is gentlemanliness. It is related to the Newman’s definition of an educated man as a gentleman. A person’s courtesy and affability under all circumstances, and all situations are the signs of his culture. What integral education sets out to do is to strive and infuse into students, an intense desire to become cultured citizens and then, enlightened volunteers in the service of the society and the world. Education, prepares us to be useful to ourselves first; then to the family; neighbors; society; country and finally, to the world. It is effective role-play. Education promotes values in their behavioral perspective as part of development of personality of learners. We, thus, find that there is no difference between the word value and education. They are interchangeable. Today, we talk of value education as the education today is minus values. Education is knowledge for living life in dignity and leading others to do so.

Creative Intelligence is the source of all knowledge. Knowledge is for action, action for achievement, and achievement for fulfillment. Thus, knowledge is directly concerned with fulfillment. For complete fulfillment, complete knowledge is necessary. Complete knowledge should mean total knowledge of the object of inquiry and total knowledge of the subject; total knowledge of both the known and the knower. When the knower does not know himself, then the basis of knowledge is missing. The Science of Creative Intelligence, by opening one’s awareness to the infinite, unbounded value of intelligence, broadens the awareness and makes it permanently unbounded, so that no area of life remains foreign. This is the ground of complete knowledge and therefore, is the basis of complete fulfillment.