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5 Signs That You Are Perfect for Animation

Deciding a career trajectory is never easy, but you can’t deny that it is incredibly exciting too! After all, these decisions are the ones that will affect the better part of your future life. In cognizance of the gravity of each of your career decisions, you end up spending a lot of time, effort, and sometimes even money just to find the career trajectory that will suit you the best. However, sometimes the answer to these momentous questions lies in easing up, relaxing a bit, and then assessing and observing yourself. Think about what you like doing the best, about the things that come naturally to you; think about which career trajectory is in congruence with your natural characteristics and personality traits.

In this write-up, you will find 6 personal characteristics that would make for an amazing animator. However, before you move on the listed personality traits, it’s imperative that you know what animation is.

If you have been a fan of cartoons, how would you like to create one? Or are you one who doodles in his/her free time? If either of the two strikes a chord with you, animation might just be the career for you. But, that’s not it − animation is so much more. With access to newer technology, the field of animation is extending day by day, technology by technology! The industry is growing rapidly and would benefit immensely the individuals with a harmonious blend of creativity and technical knowledge at their disposal.

You would fit right in the animation industry if…

    • 1. You are born curious

A large part of the society spends most of its time fighting boredom and impetuously conceding to the circumstances and people in their lives. Not you, though. You can find your way to stay interested in almost anything, and when at your best, you may even generate interest in others! The list of your hobbies or the things you wish to do or accomplish is exceedingly long. There’s a spark in you and a mind that’s always buzzing with questions, ideas, and new concepts.

    • 2. You have an artistic and resolute eye

Whether you doodled as a kid at the back of your homework notebook or you’ve always been drawn to the artistic disciplines and hobbies, you’ve always shared a passion for artistic and creative endeavours. If you still find art designs beguiling and have a penchant for knowing what can or cannot be aesthetically pleasing, your journey in animation is going to be a rewarding and fruitful one. On a side note, never overlook your storytelling abilities. It is, after all, storytelling that you intend to do; the only difference, however, is your medium of doing so is art.

    • 3. You are highly analytical

Does the scientific aspect of things appeal to you? Is logic amongst your greatest driving forces? When facing a problem, is it rationale that leads you to the solution? Most importantly, are you inquisitive? If yes is the answer, you already have in you what many artists need to inculcate before they begin practicing animation.

Since animation is digitally driven and makes use of technology as an essential tool, your analytical thinking will come more than just handy on many occasions throughout your career in animation.

    • 4. Concentration isn’t a challenge for you

Does it often happen that you find yourself completely engrossed in an activity you love? Well, if you can put your all into a task, your animation career will greatly benefit from this. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most vital skills one has to master to do well in the animation industry. After all, creating a series of images that move impeccably takes so much longer than most fathom it to.

Good concentration will also be extremely beneficial to you while pursuing any of the animation degree courses.

    • 5. Your humour is as good as you think

Do you love joking around with friends and family? Are good comedies your point of interest? Are you appreciative of the subtle gestures and motions that give comedies an edge? Well, if you do, you can make the most of your good sense of humour to capitalize in animation.

A blend of emotional empathy and a good sense of humour can take your animation to the heights of excellence, something that all animators wish to achieve through their animation.

If the above described personality traits and characteristics resonate with you, maybe you are after all destined to work in the animation industry. However, even if you find some of the characteristics that don’t quite fit you, your dreams of being an animator are alive as long as you stay zealous about them. To ensure that you can leverage your natural qualities in your animation career, you must enrol yourself in one of the best animation colleges in the country and begin your journey of being the animator that you have the potential to be.

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