5 Obstacles Faced by Every Law Student and How to Overcome them

5 Obstacles Faced by Every Law Student and How to Overcome them

Studying law can be an exciting idea for high school students who are passionate about understanding the judicial processes in India. With determination in their minds and hopes in their hearts, these students are always vocal about their opinions and believe in negotiating intensely. Moreover, law aspirants who are eager to study from the best law colleges in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, etc. are driven by a zeal to have an in-depth knowledge about legal procedures, human rights, penal codes, etc. However, there are certain aspects to remember while pursuing this rather rigorous field in the country. Hence, here are five of the most commonly faced obstacles by law students and how they can be overcome seamlessly:

1.Handling Economic Constraints

Students with a restrictive financial situation tend to experience a massive shock while getting admission in a law university. This is primarily due to the tuition fee, living expenses, and other miscellaneous costs that sum up to be a significant total amount. For such cases, it is important to research the best student loan programs along with scholarships during the schooling years. This useful research can either be done online by reading up student portals or consulting reputed counselling institutes.

2.Preparing for Entrance Exams

Often times, students focus only on their board examinations in class 12th without bothering about their impending entrance exams conducted by law colleges in Delhi NCR and other metro cities. This is a common mistake done by a lot of law aspirants as the pressure of the board exams consumes their entire focus. But the wise decision would be to take coaching classes in 10+2 from a renowned coaching centre specialising in law. With this method, the preparation time for entrance exams is planned out properly and doesn’t cause any hurdle during or after class 12th boards.

3.Facing Life Away from Home

One of the biggest obstacles faced by law students is living away from their homes for five years. Leaving familiar surroundings, loving family, and childhood friends can be very difficult for youngsters, especially for those who have never lived on their own. But facing the harsh reality by being emotionally and mentally strong is vital to survive university life in a new city/state. Besides this, managing daily chores, budgeting monthly expenses, socialising with peers are other aspects of college life that each student has to cope with successfully.

4.Taking Practical Knowledge Seriously

When law students are getting in the groove of studying hard-core legal principles, they sometimes tend to forget that this knowledge isn’t enough in the real world. While having an in-depth knowledge about varied laws can be highly rewarding academically, but to flourish as an advocate, each student must work with a lawyer or legal firm. For this purpose, internships should be pursued by law students with reputed legal firms or senior lawyers who would provide an experience of how law works in the real world. Gaining useful insights from this experience can help a law aspirant become a champion of the field.

5.Networking in the Field

The world of lawyers, magistrates, and judges is known to be very welcoming to those who believe in connecting with others. But some budding lawyers aren’t aware of this and keep themselves busy by just working on their cases. This mistake can be detrimental for their career as networking plays a major role in the legal profession. Individuals who are naturally introverted must learn to socialise to an extent that they are able to have a name in the legal circles. While in case of extroverts, mingling with the others is easier for them; hence, connecting with professionals is a piece of cake, which turns out to be a major advantage

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