Twelve reasons why Maharishi Law School is distinctly unique!
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Twelve reasons why Maharishi Law School is distinctly unique!

Twelve reasons why Maharishi Law School is distinctly unique!

Law is a noble profession and its study entails years of hard work and dedication. Herein listed are twelve outstanding features, which make Maharishi Law School distinctly unique:


  1. Emeritus Professors are associated very closely with the law school. They offer great advice and interaction with faculty and students. The students are greatly benefitted, as they are present personally in classes teaching the subjects, hearing case presentations and discussing legal issues with students and faculty. Their great knowledge and experience is shared in abundance with all faculty and students who feel privileged and blessed to receive such inputs. MLS is also immensely benefitted, as they are esteemed Judges in moot courts, debates offering important inputs to all students.


  1. Each faculty is encouraged by the Dean Dr. V. K. Singh to actively engage in writing articles, research papers and to attend various national and international workshops, seminars and conferences, which might be of interest to the faculty. Under the able guidance of our esteemed Dean, the faculty is building on its research and publications, is open to discussions and viewpoints and the law school is benefitted by his vast experience and management skills.


  1. The Legal Aid Centre is actively engaged in creating legal awareness among the members of the public and is a platform for helping the weaker and downtrodden sections of the society who don’t have the proper means to access justice.


  1. The Centre of Excellence for Arbitration and Alternate Dispute Resolution is a Centre for achieving good standards of research, teaching, policy making and advocacy in arbitration and ADR studies.


  1. Various guest faculties from National Law Universities, advocates, practicing lawyers are jointly associated with MLS and hold workshops and seminars. They are also judges in debates and moots offering valuable legal inputs to students.


  1. The library is equipped with the latest books and journals with every batch being offered an intense orientation programme and ongoing assistance with legal software, books and journals.


  1. The LLM course offered to professionals is exceptional with students being encouraged to do research and specialization.


  1. The students are encouraged to be open, travel for various educational trips like Court Visits, Company Secretaries Institute visit and be participative and disciplined.


  1. Internships are offered to students from the first year onwards wherein they are expected to associate with a lawyers and governmental authorities and submit an internship report.


  1. The Trans Meditational Course offered helps in making students stay focused, calm and disciplined.


  1. The atmosphere in the law school is vibrant, positive with students being encouraged to take part in extra and co curricular activities like legal aid programmes, moot courts, cultural programmes, music, dance etc.


  1. The campus is vast, clean, green and well manicured with vast open spaces.


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