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Jayant Mukherjee(DA-4)

“Department of Animation creativity lies within Ocean of art. “ It feels good when you start working on something you have always thought of. Like, I wanted to be an animator and today I’m working with DQ Entertainment because in Department of Animation we have been trained under the guidance of International Faculty and Industry Experts.

Amrita Bhar(DA-5)

“My student years in Department of Animation were a rich and rewarding experience. The teaching was exemplary and the projects we worked on were challenging, innovative and exciting.Department of Animation provided me with high-quality training in a creative environment. It has equipped me with the skills required to succeed in my chosen career as an animator.”

Rakesh Kali(DA-1)

Rakesh Kali, Team Leader with DQ Entertainment says ” I was always fascinated by movies like Shark Tale, Stuart little and wanted to be part of the team making such movies. Even before completing my programme from Department of Animation, I got an offer from India’s largest animation studio, DQ Entertainment. Within 3 months of joining DQ, I was promoted to the position of Team Leader. Presently, I am working on a project outsourced from a famous Hollywood studio”.

Anukriti Sharma(DA-3)

“Department of Animation is the best place in the world to get the right mix of trained faculty, state-of-the-art technology and the freedom to think out of the box”

Shilpa Gupta (DA-4)

“I think the quality of education provided by Department of Animation has an International touch which gives the students an edge over others in the animation industry in India”

Abir Khalil’s Singapore Experience

“Firstly I would really like to thank Singapore Tourism Board and Kuoni Academy for organising and sponsoring our tour to Singapore. Their excellent provisions and arrangements made our stay very pleasant and enjoyable. We had tight schedules since it was a 5-day trip, but all the plans had been perfectly followed that were part of the itinerary.

On our first day, we attended the Anime Festival Asia at Suntec convention. The experience was unique. It was fascinating to see the craze amongst the youngster. The queue for the ticket spanned across 3 exhibition halls but we were lucky as STB arranged the tickets for us prior to the event. The AFA (Asian Animation Festival) was hosting the regional cosplay championship so there were many cosplayers dressed up in various costumes! It was very entertaining to watch the excitement and the enthusiasm. We were also able to catch the characters of ‘Milky Homes’ perform live. We, in the end, had the opportunity to interact with a couple of organisations and discuss the future career opportunities.

We then visited the Singapore flyer. It offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Singapore skyline and the massive shipping port. It was a remarkable experience The Singapore Flyer has 28 capsules which can accommodate about 28 people each. It takes about 30 minutes to make one big turn. They organise the F1 night races from time to time, which can be seen from the bird’s eye view. I look forward to an opportunity to watch these races sometime!

We were able to take a trip to the Santosa. It was thrilling to see a Casino in real life, which otherwise I had seen only in “reel” life! We also saw the Merlion, but only from a distance due to lack of time. From there we advanced to the rides section but unfortunately, due to bad weather, it was all closed! We instead then took a short tour of the Universal Studios and had an amazing time.

On the last day of our trip, we went to Nanyang Academy of fine arts. The School offers a wide range of courses in 3D Design, Arts Management, Dance, Design and Media, Fashion Studies, Fine Art, Music and Theatre. We had student-faculty interaction session wherein we learnt all about the animation courses they provide. The three-dimensional design course includes Product Design, Architecture, Interior Design, 3D Games Design and Animation. We then took a campus tour and were very impressed with the facilities. The library was huge and covered all possible subject matter. After lunch, we headed to Tisch Asia. It’s a New York-based university and it offers three Master of Fine Arts degrees from the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television: We went around the campus and had a short interaction session. We had the opportunity to come across their motion capture studio and some of us even enacted in it! Tisch Asia also offers summer high school programs so for students who might be interested in doing something useful next summer, Tisch is the place!

On the final day, before our scheduled departure, we cruised along the Singapore River. It was so relaxing and could not help but capture the spectacular view. The cruise is accompanied by an audio narrative which tells the tales of yesteryears in the old Quay area. We headed off from Clarke Quay, passing under many bridges which span the Singapore River, past Raffles Landing Site, the Marina Bay area, Merlion Park, the Fullerton Hotel and back through the Boat Quay where many original storehouses are located then through to Robertson Quay with a final return to Clarke Quay.

That brought us to the end of the trip and we were very reluctant to leave the city and its colourful and lively spirit! I look forward to coming back here and discovering more beautiful country….”

Aditi Jain’s Singapore Experience

“The ineffable beauty of Singapore made me realise there is much more in life than speed. I was driving it to my life. I and my team members won the logo animation of Singapore tourism and I reckon myself to be the luckiest person to be honoured this opportunity. And now when I m back from Singapore, the one thing that tantalises me is that Singapore is a four-ethnic country. This trip was one hell of a crazy trip and the most memorable one too. The exciting journey began with the Anime Festival Asia at Suntec convention, where hundreds of toys were exhibited and we experienced a unique cosplay championship. Singapore flyer was one thing which I can never take out of my head from where I saw the breathtaking view of the whole of Singapore. Sentosa Island was one place where I want to go again. We had a blast in the casino and how can I forget the amazing Merlion which is the pride of Singapore. Also, Universal Studios was one place which I still can’t get over. I wish I stayed there. The 4-D rides, the Jurassic park, the Mummy, everything was just so awesome. We experienced science projects starting from the scratch to the most complicated one in the Singapore Science Centre. As for the night out, we were just too excited while sitting in the trams to see the night safari and as the tram started the journey; we couldn’t believe our eyes while passing by lions, tigers, bears, hyenas, deers and so many other animals. We were given an opportunity to visit top universities like Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Tisch Asia School of Arts where we got to know about various animation course offerings.

Now when I am back to India, everything feels like a dream and I would love to go Singapore again.”

Mohammad Hasanuzzama Kashif’s Singapore Experience

Singapore is really a clean & green city. I want to visit this place once again, it’s a place that everyone should visit in once in a lifetime. We visited the Sentosa Park, MerLion and the Singapore Flyer, Universal Studio, etc. It was a really great experience.

Anime Fest

The dolls were really amazing in this festival. I really wanted to have those dolls. I came to know about Cosplay, this was something that was new for me. Everyone seems to have fun including me too. I really had an awesome experience of the Singapore.


This institute was like an art paradise, I was exposed to the depths of arts. What I really like in this institute was its library, it was loaded with good books, every student can showcase their work and receive comments from other students, that was really an interesting thing to improve skills, this was really a very great idea in that institute.


I was exposed to advance technology in this institute. An Organic Motion, Green Room, equipment & the story discussion room was the most interesting parts of my experience. The huge sets made by clamps for students to shoot, that was really nice. I really enjoyed coming here.

Science Centre

We had a great experience here. There we learnt how to edit live images from the green room, we came to know about really nice science stuff. Overall I really enjoyed in Singapore.

Amrit’s Singapore Experience

The land of impeccable innocence is what Singapore was for me. The country has a perse culture and this is what I found out in these 5 days. It was reflected in the food people dressed up in different costumes made us feel like we are in a fantasy land. The Singapore flyer was something I can never forget and the view from there was mind-blowing. We could see the whole of the city and the beautiful beaches from up there. Sentosa offered on the streets, the music heard, and the variety of people. These 5 days were the best and the best days of my life. Thousands of toys and the cosplay championship at the Anime Fest in the Suntec convention was a wonderful experience. Swords, toys, Island was the USP of the trip and especially the casinos which were just wonderful and huge. The 4-D cinema experience was out of the world. The 4-D effects of flapping of wings, sharp spurts of air, spiders nipping at your ankles just made us too excited. The night life was dazzling with awesome music and awesome people around.

We also got a chance to visit two of world’s finest Institutions of our field Nanyang Academy of fine arts and Tisch Asia. The Science Centre was one more place where we had blast- different projects, fun games and crazy science models made the time fly so fast. We were astonished and impressed by the night safari which we can’t forget. The tram going through the jungle with lions, bears, and deer’s passing by so close to us was an out of the world experience. The rock climbing was one more activity we thoroughly enjoyed. The last day was tiring but again memorable as we took the boat ride and enjoyed the scenic view of Singapore. It was the best trip I have ever had and I am very thankful to Singapore Tourism Board and Kuoni Academy for organising and sponsoring our tour to Singapore. Singapore is beautifully manicured and pedicured and everything works with perfection there. I would love to visit it again!

Akshay Chauhan’s Singapore Experience

Our Singapore trip was a very well organised trip planned by Singapore Tourism Board and Kuoni Academy. As soon as we landed at Changi airport we were greeted by a local guide and a bus was waiting to take us to our hotels.

After rest for an hour, we went to dinner in Little India, where we also spent time in Mustapha Mall. Next day we went to the AFAX Anime Fest. At AFAX there was something going on in every area of the Convention hall. I had a chance to buy Dragonball Z and Street Fighter 4 Toys not available in India. There were a lot of amazing t-shirts to choose from. It was a perfect place to buy toys gifts and keep memories of this trip. AFAX had Super Street Fighter 4 tournament, Cosplay competition, Canon photography workshop. Last but not the least there was Gundam movie premier.

We also went to the Singapore flyer ride. It was way bigger than I imagined it would be. I was able to take good shots of the city from the flyer.

Next day after few hours at Suntec, doing little souvenir shopping. We went to see the Merlion at Sentosa and later we went to the Universal Studios Amusement park. It was more than just an amusement park it was an Art piece. We went to the Shrek 4D adventure, Jurassic Park Rapids adventure and Revenge of the Mummy.

The fourth day was even more exciting in terms of career opportunity in Singapore. We had campus visits to some of the finest art and filmmaking institutes in Asia. We got a chance to see the state of the art Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts labs both animation and photography. Their library at also had a section on Indian art.

Then we went to New York University’s Tisch Asia the one of a kind filmmaking college. The only college that teaches the art of cinematography and not using software. We also had time to go to Singapore Science Center where we were shown Green Screen Filming.