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Shared Leadership in Higher Education

Shared Leadership in Higher Education


Group Captain Prof. O.P. Sharma, Director General,




 Very often I wonder and look with questioning gesture when people in higher education talk of ‘ Institutional Leadership’ My experience in the area of higher education for over six decades suggest that it is not institutional leadership that accounts for effective management in higher education and that all success in higher education accounts for SHARED LEADERSHIP . The shared Leadership concept requires TEAM – T Togetherness E Enthusiasm A Alertness with soldierly watch for responsiveness M Morale one for all and all for one . Shared Leadership indeed got to work on due delegation and that delegation got to actualise the object with specific objectives to transform each role player into a holistic performer rather pulling strings for self set objects and or objectives. The fundamental for higher education is essentially to transform potentiality into actuality and that could happen when all team members play their respective roles effectively to contribute to the Mission  leading to the Vision as set for the individual institution . In reality there could not be any substantial variation in the VISION and MISSION in higher education . This though may be worded differently . This will be to enable each student to lead life with dignity . And this requires realisation of AEQ A Accessibility E Employability QQuality . Such AEQ is the success mantra that we in MUIT practice in our all endeavours through SHARED LEADERSHIP . 


 We take pride in our workflow model of excellence as represented in three letters- AEQ = Accessibility – Employability – Quality.


Our Model embodies all these components in full measure. We are COSMIC signifying the university in its total frame of AEQ and this is what we are.


Accessibility is inherent in our inclusive admission policy. We do not deny admission to any student who meets the eligibility criteria and seats are available. Testing mechanism is not eliminative. it is diagnostic for developing upon the weaker areas.


Employability is addressed through the concerns for challenges – the challenges related to the background and mode of entry/curriculum frame /curriculum delivery. We have creative Pedagogy to answer these challenges through connectivity with real life situations and addressing the differences among the students. Yet another challenge is in addressing all the concerns of teaching and learning, related chiefly to curriculum designing inclusive of core functional areas / corporate Perspective / Self.


Our philosophical tenets imply that, each student is potentially a winner and each student himself or herself is the cause and effect of his/her respective employability. We work to transform Potentiality Into Actuality.


Quality — we have Quality Assurance Teams – QATs in place to take care of academic as well as soft skills. There is also a fully functional Assessment Center in the University for meeting the challenges of Faculty with the educational technology competence to prepare students for self-management. We address this through a series of refresher programs or Faculty Development Programs, which we have christened, DEEPAM.


Deepam means that only a lighted lamp can light another lamp. We run Deepom courses in the December and July Breaks. We also have processes for review and redesign/ update of our system. The mandate with such process is to reframe/reorient/ redesign/relook/refresh the total frame for curriculum and its delivery. thinking globally and acting locally  through creation of market driven tailor made training course for empowering students towards brighter future and career of their choice.


 For shared Leadership the essence is COORDINATION . Coordination integrates all functions of different role players in the system. Coordination unified the specific roles in achieving the specific objective leading to the realisation of goal. The integrating function of coordination requires meeting three specifics one all role players are equally important. Two each rial player depends on each other for completion of the task. Three communication between respective role players got to be continuous, consistent and complete in compliance of laid down systems. 

Good Luck and God Speed to the readers with request to reflect and raise questions on the contents of the write up ! 

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