School of Animation


Department of Animation, formerly Picasso Animation college,  is set up with the vision of bringing in the global standards of animation industry to India and provide high caliber animation professionals to studio handling international projects.


To facilitate this at the fast pace, Department of Animation has implemented the best of international standards and practices and set up international alliances. We are staffed with the professionals with expertise in animation production as well as academic practices.


B.Sc in Animation
M.Sc in Animation
Diploma in Animation

B.Sc. in Animation & Multimedia with Life Skills


The B.Sc. (Multimedia) programme has been specifically designed to provide a launch-pad to the 10+2 students towards a successful career in visual effects for films, television, and emerging applications for 3D visualisation and animation. The comprehensive programme covers the fundamentals of art, animation design and visual effects, and subsequent application of these basics to 3D modelling, character animation, character rigging, texturing and lighting, compositing, visual effects and more. 


  • History of Animation and Drawing Basics
  • Colour Study and Background Development
  • Human Anatomy and Character Designing
  • Classical Animation
  • Digital Art-I
  • Portfolio Submission I (Project Presentation)
  • English I
  • Film Appreciation and Analysis
  • Pre-production-I
  • Digital Art-II
  • 2D Animation
  • Portfolio Submission II (Project Presentation)
  • Life Skill and Personality Development
  • English II
  • Film Study Advanced
  • Pre-production-II
  • 3D Software Interface
  • 3D Modelling Basics
  • 3D Texturing Basics
    3D Lighting Basics
  • Life Skill and Personality Development
  • Rigging
  • Character Animation
  • Dynamics
  • Editing and Compositing – Post-production
  • Life Skill and Personality Development (Mandatory)

(Specialization in one of the following)
Modelling and Texturing

  • Lighting and Rendering
  • Rigging and Animation
  • VFX & Compositing
  • Pre-production
    Life Skill and Personality Development (Mandatory)
  • Project Pipeline and Data Management
  • Showreel Development (Project Presentation)

Candidate Eligibility

    • 10+2 or equivalent (any stream) with good English communication skills and creative bent of mind.


3 Years, Full Time (consisting of 6 semesters)


MUIT, Noida Campus

M.Sc in Animation and Multimedia with Life Skills


The M.Sc. in Animation & Multimedia programme focuses on developing skills in any one of the many areas of expertise within the animation and visual effects industry. The programme educates students in all aspects of animation and visual effects, from ideation to post-production.

Communication, collaboration and time management skills are emphasised throughout the programme to ensure that graduates are acclimated to the intense professional culture that awaits them.


  • History of Animation and Live Action Movie
  • Aesthetics of Art and Culture
  • Visual Communication and Storytelling
  • Design Fundamentals and 3D Concept Development
  • Analytical Drawing of Character
  • Live Study and Background Design
  • Preproduction 01
  • Assignment and Semester Project
    • Digital Pre-Production
      • Matte Painting
      • Digital Painting
      • Master Study
      • Visual Development
      • Photography
      • Concept Art and Dynamic Sketching
      • Illustration
      • Story Boarding and Animatics
      • Assignment and Semester Project
    • Digital Asset Development
      • Concept Art and Dynamic Sketching
      • 3D Interface and Workflow
      • 3D Modeling
      • 3D Sculpting
      • 3D Texturing
      • Architectural Modeling and Rendering
      • 3D Lighting & Rendering
      • Assignment and Semester Project
    • Animation
      • Drawing for Animation
      • Classical Animation
      • 3D Interface and Workflow
      • Character Setup for Animation
      • 3D Animation Basic
      • Acting for Animation
      • Animation for Layout
      • Assignment and Semester Project
    • Visual Effects & Film Making
      • Introduction to Digital Tool
      • Film Appreciation and Analysis
      • Photography
      • 3D Interface and Workflow
      • Compositing Basic
      • Editing
      • 3D Lighting & Rendering
      • Assignment and Semester Project
  • Digital Pre-Production
    • Sculpting with Clay
    • Digital Sculpting
    • Environment Sketching for Movie
    • Vehicle Design for Production
    • Game Art Design
    • Life Skills With Personality Development
    • Assignment and Semester Project
  • Asset Development
    • Hard Surface Modeling
    • 3D Character Design for Production
    • Game Assets Development
    • Conceptual Background Design
    • Product Modeling and Rendering
    • Life Skills with personality development
    • Assignment and Semester Project
  • Animation
    • Character Animation Walk Cycle
    • Dynamic Character Animation
    • Quadruped Character Setup for Animation
    • Quadruped Animation
    • Motion Capture Data Workflow
    • Life Skills with Personality Development
  • Visual Effects Film Making
    • Special Effects for Movie
    • Dynamic Simulation for Movie
    • Advance Compositing
    • Set Lighting for Visual Effects
    • Rendering Post Production
    • Life Skills with Personality Development
  • Project Pipeline and Assets Management
  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Basic Business Modeling
  • Movie Merchandising
  • Internship
  • Group Assignment
  • Dissertation

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Admission Procedure

Following admission procedure would be followed for all the programmes offered at School of Animation at MUIT, Noida Campus.


Prospective candidates are advised to submit their application online  Alternatively, candidates can visit the Universities Noida Campus to submit their application form.

In both cases, application fees of ₹ 1,200 should be submitted along with application. Payment can be made online, through credit card, debit cards or demand draft, which should be in the name of “Maharishi University of Information Technology” payable at Par.

Admissions to the university is through an entrance test, the details of the same are available with the admissions helpline +91 1130506191.