Life At Department of Animation

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Life At Department of Animation


The student life at Department of Animation is the one not to be described, but the one to be felt and experienced. The unique and conducive environment at the College campus has an existence and culture of its own, which enhances the student’s capabilities to learn and create better animations and multimedia art forms, using ultra modern technology. The creative talent pool is trained to express itself in a manifested manner so as to achieve the realization of one’s dreams and desires.

Apart from the regular classes, the workshops and events home and engage the students’ skill-set in creating better industry professionals, apart from imparting additional knowledge and wisdom. Be it the student excursions and trips to hill stations and other natural environments, or the cultural events and seminars at the campus, participation ensures the perfect articulation of one’s expressions that cannot be achieved in a classroom atmosphere. Even the regular lunch with fellow students at the cafeteria or an impromptu animation contest in the studio exhilarates like nothing else. Of course, the fun factor associated with so many cultural activities and trips is something which all the Department of Animation alumni carry fond memories of as they move to the professional world to conquer their destiny.

Our present students, alumni achievements, the College events and the Press, provide a snapshot of this memorable journey.

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