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We at MUIT understand the importance of creating right infrastructure, which is directly correlated to learning outcomes of the students.

Nested in multi acres of lush green campus at the heart of NOIDA, MUIT campus is a unique blend of vast green patches and modern infrastructure. Considering the well-being of students, many classrooms are surrounded by green area. The school buildings also provide well-integrated ICT and easy access to various sources for research.

Every school has a separate library, cafeteria and adequate open space. This is supplemented by large campus library and efficiently managed campus mess.

Hostel Student Council has initiated organic farming within the campus to ensure hygienic and nutritional food products for their fellow students.

The campus also has a large playing ground with the capacity to hold many cricket and football matches, at the same time.

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Maharishi University, Maharishi Nagar, Sector 110, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201304

Admission Helpline : +91 11 66763870

Campus Life


Wi-fi facilities are available 24X7
covering the entire campus


The Library is available for the hostel
residents from 8 am to 10 pm


Lush Green & Spacious Campus
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