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AI to create jobs

AI to create jobs

AI to create jobs


Artificial Intelligence has majorly shifted the jobs statistics debate. At one point, while the world mulls over 30% of all jobs being siphoned off by 2030 (a McKinsey report indicates) there is also an upside to AI. Despite all talks of doom and gloom, AI-led automation will also generate a new set of jobs that workforce has to be ready for, thereby ushering in a skills-based economy.

It is very important to keep pace with change and not become irrelevant. A study indicates that 14% of the workforce will need to change their skillset to stay competitive. And the field is not restricted to people with a background in Deep Learning only, everyone can participate and take part in this journey. “It is not just technical expertise that is alone required, there is a lot of business knowledge that also comes with it. The question that most business leaders now face is how can one build capabilities in the organisation in order to drive this wave of digital transformation,” a speaker shared this thought at the Rising 2019.

On the other hand, we see more and more businesses experimenting with digital technologies and implementing large-scale projects. And the question companies are bracing with is — do we hire or reskill? With the buzz in AI increasing, there has been a surge in AI-centric roles with close to 57% of organisations looking for candidates with over five years of experience in AI. Findings indicate that the top skill-set the employers look for is Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Analytics, Cloud Computing & Pattern Recognition.

Given the current scenario, AI has opened plenty of job opportunities at mid and senior level.

Name: Hritwik Sinha

Date: 5th April 2019

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